How safe are the Condoms?
Well, nothing can give you the surety of 100% protection against the STDs, STIs, and unwanted pregnancies. So, make sure that you wear it correctly. Wearing it correctly provides better protection in comparison to not wearing it appropriately or not wearing it at all.

How does sex feel with a Condom?
It can be a different experience after all if you think of it as different. It can just be your regular condom or your weapon to kill, the sexaccessory to feel or the shield to save you while you explore the different modes of pleasures. It’s your ticket to safeness, where the fears of STDs, infection, and pregnancies are far far away. In simple words, it’s safe, sound and reduces the word risk and also increases your time by a bit. They add a bit of spice (Not the real ones but the pleasure ones) to your love life and if you still feel the need to change, then our Kinky Winky Slim feel will definitely do the trick for you.

Does it matter (Size)?
The word size has always been always been able to create a chaos inside the rooms of pleasures but it really doesn’t matter if you know your game. All you need to do is work as a team and should know each other’s precious points. Work on what to do and how to do pitch in with your strength, energy, stamina and more of your sexperience instead of thinking about the size.

Can a condom provide protection against HIV, STDs & STIs?
Condoms are actually manufactured to do that only because it’s their main purpose. If you wore it right, then a condom can be very effective in preventing HIV and STDs as well as STIs like HPV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes, etc. Make sure to cover your sores.

What is the correct way of wearing a condom?
We were waiting for this one. Before going further, you’re not the first one who went for the wrong way. You need to do these to make your D be safe during the feel.
1. Tear the packaging from the side of the wrapper and make sure that you don’t damage the condom.
2. Avoid the use of nails, scissor, teeth or any sharp objects in opening the condom because you may end  up damaging it this way.
3. Take out the condom and placed it on the head of your penis (The erect one).
4. Squeeze the tip of the condom very gently so that no air is trapped inside.
5. Also, do leave some space for the semen while placing it on your Penis.
6. Roll it down to the base of the penis while holding the tip. If it doesn’t fit in place or it doesn’t unroll, then the chances are that either it’s too old or damaged or you’re putting it backward.

Is wearing two condoms better than one?
The words are curious and nervous. If you think that two condoms can save you from all the troubles, then you can’t be more wrong. Using two condoms can create more friction which can further result in tearing or ripping of condoms.

What preventive measures should be taken during anal sex?
It’s a tricky territory to sexplore and you don’t know what’s waiting down there (Actually, you do). Before indulging in the art of anal sex, you have to make sure to be as safe as ever. With anal sex, the chance of causing some serious consequences increases. The walls within the areas of the rectum and anus are quite thin and are quite prone to injuries and are often exposed to it due to the presence of multiple blood vessels. So, wearing a good quality of a latex condom along with the use of lubes is must during this sacred art of sex. And one more thing, GO SLOW!

Can a condom be used underwater?
Well Well Well, someone likes to enjoy the perks of doing it underwaters. Sex crosses the path of sensuousness and becomes more thrilling when it is done under the realm of water. So, to enjoy the unlimited fun, put it on before you go long. Underwaters or not, the risks of infections and STDs are same, so wear it before or end up tearing it later. Make her wet, get wetter and enjoy the sex that is wettest.

Can a condom be reused?
In the world of logic and practicality, anyone with a bit of sensibility would say, are you kidding me? We don’t have a clue about how you got the idea but we will still tell you. It’s a big plain NOOOOOO… For every new session of lovemaking, use a different condom. Suggesting the use of a condom is our duty while wearing it is your responsibility but choosing among flavoured, non-flavoured, ribbed, dotted and slim feel is totally your choice.

Explain the features of dotted condoms?
Dotted condoms are another exciting picks in the world of condoms. It comes with a pattern of dots spread accordingly across the surface which creates extra friction, enhanced sensations, evoking simulation and brings in the amusing motions. It offers you a route to an enticing sexual response and pleasure. Wear the dots so she can enjoy the ride.

Tell me about ribbed condoms?
Ribbed condoms are your answer to unlocking more gates to sensuous merrymaking. These condoms have small raised ridges along the lines of its circumference which not only creates more and more sensations down the line but also work wonders for creating clitoral stimulation and enticing penetration.

Which types of condoms are the best?
When it comes to choosing among the condoms, people have different taste and choices. Some likes the taste of flavours (Like Chocolate, Green Apple or Strawberry) while others prefer the feeling the skin (More the slim, more will be the feel). Some are into dots and some prefer the package of the lot (Dotted, ribbed and contour).

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