Ohhhhhhh…Exploring the Most Expensive Sex Toys


We are living in an age where our wants are ruled by fantasies, whether it is professional, normal or even sexual.We are always in an urge to satisfy our needs and ready to go a step further to conquer the heights of satisfaction.

Here, we mostly talk about sex so will only focus on the fantasies of a human craving on the desires
that are purely sexual. Now, everyone loves sex (Excluding Asexuals and celibates) and we are quite aware of the excitement that it brings. With time, it has evolved over the years but the people still tend to shy away from that explicit nudity and discussion involving sex.

So, when we are talking about nudity, we as well as bring in those we don’t discuss much. It’s about
the tools that have enhanced and explored human sexuality. Yes, we are talking about sex toys and
you’re quite normal if you happen to use them.

But do you know that even these little (Some are quite big) mischievous tools of pleasures can cost a hell of a fortune? It’s time to look at those expensive sex toys which give more than just pleasures.

The sensuous 24 karat gold massager from Lelo is more than your normal sex toy. The luxurious
item shaped in the form of broken jelly bean designed for the ones with kinky thoughts. Perfect for
exploring those arousing sensations and temperatures, it is your powerful massager, lifestyle
accessory, and sexual jewellery.

Price: 3,990$

King J Cobra
It will be your unique tale involving the kinky and the king. Built in the shape of a King Cobra, the
luscious cock ring is hand-crafted by an award-winning master silversmith from the UK. Imagine a
giant cobra around your d**k whiles you doing it. It can either be sexy or less comfortable
depending on the choice of kinks you deal in.

Price: 248,000$ (Platinum One)

Price: 125,000$.


Tally Ho Chair
Apparently, there’s something called as sex furniture, but it’s not your coffee to sip in. Apparently, it
featured in ‘50 Shades of Grey’ and has stirrups to make your fantasies reach a step further. So, do
you have enough to pay the cost and face the consequences or do you have enough to pay the cost
and rejoice the consequences? It’s because the thinking goes deep when it’s about pleasures.

Price: 14,000$


The Fanciest Sex Dolls
The list will forever be incomplete if you don’t include these creatures to the list. It doesn’t matter if
you need a partner or not, you can always enjoy the different chapters of pleasures by yourself.

These fancy and high-end sex dolls are quite near to the real ones and look more realistic than your
average ones (The Blow Ups).

Price: These dolls are customized as per client needs and can range from 8,000$ to an
astonishingly 70,000$.



Lelo Inez
This 24 Karat gold vibrator by LELO combines your decadence with elegance. If you stand among
those for whom pleasure is the most serious affair, then this one is for you. It comes with a specially
designed egg bend and doesn’t look like your basic dildo.

Price: 15,000$


The Royal Pearl
This ‘One hell of an investment vibrator’ screams royalty from every end and point of its body. The
seven-inch lavish vibrator is embellished with more than 1,000 sparkling diamonds cast over solid
platinum. Designed by Colin Burns (The renowned Jeweller), you can find every expensive thing
from, pearl to diamonds along with platinum and sapphires.

Call it your dream Vibrator…

Price: 1 Million$

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