Discovering the Most Expensive Liquors – The Whiskey One


Alcohol is among the best things ever created offering happiness and consequences at the same time (What’s your story?). It’s all about that amazing taste giving you the happiness of lifetime (Melodrama continues). What do you prefer? Whiskey, Wine, Vodka or a Pint! How much did you drink last time and how much was the bill? Rs. 1,000? 10,000?? Or 1,00,000??? If you think you have seen the most expensive side of liquor brands, then you’re not quite there.

Let’s get to know about some expensive whiskeys ever created because nothing tastes better than a glass of whiskey after a long hard day (Don’t include the cheap ones).

The Dalmore 62

Touted as one of the most expensive whiskeys in the world, the scotch whiskey is quite rare because Dalmore has created only 12 expressions of this bottle. The whiskey was bottled after it spent 62 years in the cask. It contains a spirit dating as far as 1868 which is long enough to give you the feel about its taste.

Price: 215,000$

Macallan Single Malt Scotch Whiskey (64 Years Old)

Every classic whiskey lover knows about the iconic brand, Macallan. It is famous for its rare and vintage collection of whiskeys aged enough to take you to the paradise. In the honour of the famed crystal artisan Rene Lalique, the brand decided to create one of a kind bottle. The whiskey was stored for 64 long years and since there’s only one bottle, you may have to spend more than the rest.

Price: 460,000$

Macallan M

If we are talking about the finest and most expensive whiskeys, then the list is incomplete with Macallan M. The high-quality specimen of whiskey is counted as the rarity that was aged in a Spanish oak. The high-quality whiskey is placed in a decanter made of handcrafted crystal. As the time goes by, it will only increase in value.

Price: It was sold at an auction for a massive 628, 205$

Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne

One of the oldest cognacs ever produced, it was aged in barrels for a long lost 100 years. The luxurious liquor also happens to be packed in a luxury bottle/decanter dipped in 24 K gold and finest of platinum decorated with 6500 perfect pieces of diamonds.

Price: 2 million$

Isabella’s Islay

Let’s get one thing straight, the value of this is all tied up including the decanter containing 8500 diamonds, rubies, and white gold. The whiskey stored is still the finest among the class with an exquisite taste. The product is an epitome of luxury.

Price: More than 6 Million$

So, it is true that a whiskey improves with age. And these selected ones are the real-life proof. Yes, they are more than expensive and if you think you can get your hands on them, then sometimes we have to kill our wants or wish to be adopted by someone rich as hell. But if you get to lay your hands on any of these, you won’t be able to stop at just one drink.

“Alcohol is the proof that GOD wants you to shit in your pants and vomit everywhere else.”

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