Essentials to carry while travelling


Essentials to carry while travelling

Travelling has its own perks and a list of do’s and don’ts. It is the most important part of our lives, we get to explore, learn, teach, and gain experiences accordingly. It’s a different feeling because not only it teaches you about places, traditions, and cultures, but it also changes you into a different person altogether. It gives you a different perception and also makes you learn about people and bond with them.

I can go on and on because if there is one thing that makes me happy other than food and sex, that’s traveling. Over the years, traveling has taught me a lot and when I look back, I can cherish the beginnings and bonds formed over short but meaningful conversations.

“In the world of hashtags, quirky statuses, and online love, travelling has taught me to live and form connections in a world that is offline.”

There are many like us who have their own dreams to fulfill in the world of wander-lusting. Struck by the idea of wandering, we tend to get infatuated with all the good things that the world of travel brings to our fanciest of dreams. But all the good things come when you also have a planning.

Wandering places can be a good thing, but an unplanned travelling could also bring bad luck and all those unwanted affairs that will haunt you for life.

So, what should one do and what one should carry with them while embarking on a journey filled with life?

Bringing the basics

Travelling is not like your regular norms of “Kuch bhi chalta hai”. You have to be well prepared for everything. Depending upon the place you’re touring to; make sure that you have all the basic amenities needed for your trip. From 2-3 pairs of clothes (According to the weather) to grooming kit, toothbrush, tongue cleaner, face wash, soap and two things more. Put all these in a backpack and step forward.
And please try to travel light. Wandering with more than extra weight won’t do any good to you.

Keep the First Aid

Life is full of surprises. You don’t know what’s there on the next step (Maybe a banana peel). So, for all those surprising wounds and injuries, you should be keeping the first aid with you all the time. Bring in the basics like painkillers, bandages, pain relief spray, hand sanitizers, wet wipes (If necessary), and altitude sickness pills (If going to a place with high altitude).

Don’t forget the Condoms

Just like the basic things and the first aid, you shouldn’t be forgetting Condoms (Kyunki, sex, maut aur mehmaan kabhi bata kar nhi aate).

Whether you’re travelling with your wife, girlfriend or even alone (It’s not my fault, you’re single), you can’t deny the power of condoms. You agree or not but this lonely world filled with people is all about possibilities. You don’t know where you would end up in a fraction of a minute (You may die, forget about sex). So, always keep a pack of condoms to be ready when the situation of a sexual affair arrives.

Technology and Entertainment

Exploring places is not easy and you should be ready for everything. It can become boring sometimes or even land you in trouble where finding routes or getting out becomes impossible. Make sure to carry the necessary valuables like mobile phone, power bank, charger, headphones, your favourite book, and a guidebook to inquire about the place. Who knows, you may need your phone to find directions without a plug point (Isliye Power bank).

Be well prepared about the place you’re going to.

For e.g., I love to enjoy wine during the nighttime with my loved ones while playing cards. If alone, I prefer reading a book.

Secure your cash and documents
When going to a place where you don’t know people or about the working of the law, you have to make sure that you’re carrying valid proofs to get out of bad situations. Also, don’t forget to secure them carefully too.
1) Don’t keep more than enough cash (Use debit or credit cards wherever possible).
2) Carry Id proofs like Aadhar and driving license.
3) Make sure that you have printed copies of your travel itineraries too.
4) Try carrying a money belt or have hidden pockets and an undercover bra stash (It really helps) for securing your cash, cards and other documents.

Last but not least, take care of yourself and be very aware of your surroundings.

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