Most Exotic Adult Destinations Around the World


Travelling is that part and art which not only encourages us to live our life at an edge but tempt us to find the unexplored realities and pleasures that the fancy world has to offer. From food cultures to historical fixtures and from wandering places to seeking pleasures, there’s a lot more to score…

Well, this is not just about going places but finding your hidden leisure. It’s about traversing through places offering something more to your exclusive list of fruitful joys. We are grown-ups now and any cross-road country trip or just to roam around a stranger city won’t count. You want to feel the rush and that adult feel and yes, I’m talking about places exclusively for adults.

The only disclaimer will be to not include the members of your joint family or your cute little kids (Popularly known as maniacs).

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam stands among the places with the best of nightlife. In fact, they also have the most renowned and the largest red light district De Vellen. And when you walk through the streets of De Wallen, Singelgebied or Ruysdaelkade, you can take a sneak-peak into the life of sex advertising their services legally (Restrain from touching).

The city houses large numbers of sex shops, sex museums, sex theatres, and special coffee shops to hang around and find a bud (Only if you’re good at flirting). The sexual liberty offered by Amsterdam makes it stand tall among all adult destinations. Here, you have all the choices to make and it’s pretty damn hot.

Osaka, Japan

The most rebellious among the cities of Japan, Osaka offers a lot of boldness in the form of their love hotels and legal brothels. They even have vending machines giving out used panties (You may not be familiar with that but they do). It will offer you all the fun, fantasy and intimacy whether you’re with your special someone or finding the other one.

Las Vegas, USA

The rule here is to keep the unholy incidents happened over the weekend with you. It’s not a coincidence that it is quite popular by the name of the sin city. Gambling, nightclubs, strip clubs and lots more that will keep you at your feet because the city never sleeps (Except for the day when some things are closed for the good). The city with anything goes attitude will fulfill all your fantasies along with that lust and greed. I hope you get the scene…

Cap D’agde, France

People seeking sexual adventures, the French city is an answer to your worldly desires. Every year, thousands of pleasure seekers including lovers and couples and groups of boys and girls arrive around the time of summers. The place popularly known as the naked city will also offer you the choice of optional clothing. The city filled with fantastic beaches and swinger clubs, bars & restaurants, people visit here for the purpose of seeking sunshine and sexual pleasures.

Bangkok, Thailand

Do I have to say more? When you spell Bangkok, the word ‘BANG’ defines all. The city has got something for everyone. Quite liberal about sexuality, the city will offer you the pleasures of all kinds.

Enjoy the sex shows, intimate massages at many of their parlours, and don’t forget to party at their famous Khao Sahn Road Club District where the party starts and never stops (It does after you’re done). Here, the chances of you getting hooked up and the odds of your night’s culmination with a happy ending are quite favourable.

Atlanta, USA

One of the fanciest cities of USA, you can never run out of naughtiness when it comes to Atlanta. Discover the erotic trapeze shows, the notorious Frolicons, drag shows or partying at their secret dungeon, Studio Iris offering all the privacy and event space. So, the next time if someone tells you to visit Vegas, ask them to tour around Atlanta too (It’s worth your fantasies).

Negril, Jamaica

When we are talking about the Caribbean Islands, the one thing sure to come in between your words is ‘SEXY’. Beaches, women, food and the music of parties all-night will definitely make you go crazy.

Well, leaving all things aside there’s much more to know than just that. Hedonism II, the notorious resort is an irresistible spot and will help to let you all out. Discover the nude bodies hanging around and people indulging in adult activities and fantasies. This ‘Closed for Public’ place with anything goes attitude will be your sexy nirvana.

So, are you still waiting for someone to encourage you to be more naughtier to indulge in the sexier!

Note: Before you leave, don’t forget to fill your bag with condoms because you will need a lot of that shield for protection.

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