Top Cities With Best Nightlife In India


Indian culture has so much to offer. Starting from the traditional values to modern lifestyle, its wings are spread all over the country. Even if the news board says India is a country of rapes, here’s a list for Nightlife in India to bring a place where words fail but music speaks.

1. Goa: The Las Vegas of India

First thing first. Dear night lovers, Goa has everything that you could dream of. Party runs in Goa like blood runs in your veins. You can always pack your bags and go to Goa at any time of the year. With a number of beaches and cheap beer you are all ready to sail through.

Yes Gamblers, Goa has the casinos that will fulfil your Las Vegas fantasies. Go, drink, dance. Yes, you can join in any club, plug-in your headphones and dance like zombies (because, oh well, no one is watching).

If parties are not your strong suit, beaches have all the serenity to offer for the nature lover in you. Play hide and seek with the waves and get sun-tan in the day.
You name anything and Goa has it in its platter. There’s always something new to offer, you can’t get enough of Goa.

2. Pune: The Safest City in India

Pune’s vibrant nightlife and youth culture always bring a bright smile on visitors’ face. The lush green environment will have you at length of amazement.

Pune is waving hello to high school people because you know, it rains for 12 months in Pune. The moderate climate in night gets cozier so you can pick a hold of your partner to spread some love at night.

Imagine, you go on Long drive and crazy nights with a bunch of friends in the outskirts of the city.

Themed bars in Pune are the heart of nightlife culture.
And did I tell you that you are in the safest city of India? You can roam around at 3AM and you are still safe. Also try the local food there; they serve with world’s best Dabeli.

3. Mumbai: The City of Dreams

The city of dreams, the city of Bollywood and the home for our beloved celebrities, Mumbai has in its grasp the heart of India. This goes without saying that Taj Hotel’s Insomnia has everything that you look for in a nightlife culture.
Colaba is your thing if you are looking for some trendy outfits, dine out and a peaceful night. Eat outs in Mumbai are the life of city. Your nightlife is incomplete if you have not roamed around the lanes of Mumbai and hogged on to the street food.

Are you looking for a dine out next to ocean? Marine plaza is open for you with an oceanic view. Now, who doesn’t like to drive on marine coast? Marine drive in Mumbai has all the peace in the world, even when it’s raining.

4. Delhi: Historical City of India

Have you ever been to Capital of India? Yes, Delhi brings a charm for each mood, style and budget. If your blood is Beer Positive, get your feet in pub-hub of Connaught Place. My Bar, Blues, Ministry of Beer and Flying Saucer has all the answers for your crazy drunk stories.

Hauz Khas Village (HKV) itself is a town of fashion boutiques and lounges.
Eat-outs in Pandara and a long drive towards Murthal have another pleasure of North Indian food in its vicinity.

Delhi never sleeps; it has its arms wide open even after midnight. The city’s rich culture and tradition emblazons the aura for night lifers.

5. Bengalore: IT Capital of India

You can live the life of tech savvy with an amalgamation of night clubs in Bengalore. The central MG Road has around 40 pubs for a series of nights to spend in the city. After the sun sets and the office life take a pause, nightlife begins at home.

Food junctions always have an answer for your midnight cravings, pick your car keys and drive towards Rasta Café, Kormangla or Empire Hotel to satisfy your taste buds.
No, Bengalore’s nightlife is not lazy; night trekking has always been dream for many. Come to Bengalore and feel content with Skandagiri Trek, Ramanagra Trek or a road trip on bikes.

Camping in Bengalore has much to say to its visitors, lay low on the ground and lose yourself in the serenity of nightlife in Bengalore.

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