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Indian Beaches Where Nudism Is More about Exploring…

Are you one of those adventure thirsty souls who like nothing but to party all night along with getting drowned in the feel and freedom of booze and music?

Are you the one who is quite comfortable with respect to their sexuality and related needs? If everything is a YES YES, then what are your thoughts about parties and hubs exploring the concept of nudity!

Sure, India doesn’t allow public nudity but the one under the private affairs of like-minded people hidden behind the doors of secrecy will work. It’s time to let out the being hidden under different layers of your standards hidden by materialism (Your Clothes).

There are some beaches in India where the mind is ruled by free thoughts and boundaries don’t have a place to stop your nakedness to explore the body of nature. They don’t just allow nakedness but celebrate its very existence.

Om Beach, Gokarna

This particular beach in Gokarna is famous because of its shape formed as the symbol Om. Mostly filled with tourists, people come here to rejuvenate their body and soul by indulging in water sports activities, to take a walk alongside sea shores and to get an even suntan (Where they believe in Openness other than closeness). Add to that, the serene atmosphere, picturesque landscape, and generous locales are a huge bonus.

Agatti Island Beach, Lakshadweep

Other than being a beautiful island, Lakshadweep also vows to the secluded surroundings of its beautiful beaches and Agatti Island Beach is one of them. Explore the beauty of coral reefs, the rush of the tides, soothing atmosphere and nudity (of course).

Here at Agati, Nudity is a norm and tourists are the ones in form. The beach tops the list when it comes with respect to nudity and parties (Yes it deserves some respect). You can divide people into the groups of topless and complete nudists roaming around the shores, lying on the sand and bathing in the sea.

“Try hard to not to stare because there, it’s not rare!”

Marari Beach, Kerala

Located in God’s own country, Marari beach of Kerala is a nude beach isolated, secluded and untouched by the unwanted crowd. You won’t find too many people here so nudity becomes an option to explore. This is one such place where parties involving nudism gets a thumbs-up. Enjoy the beauty of black waters while exploring the inner beauty of others in God’s own country.

Paradise Beach, Gokarna

One more beach located in the serene surroundings of Gokarna find its place in the list of beaches celebrating the norms of nudity (Not that normal in India). Popular as the land of naked people, the beach is the hub of nudist gatherings. Away from the suburbs of the city, the only way to reach the spot is via boat. All in all, the peaceful version of Goa (Gokarna) has two beaches blessed with the charm of nakedness.

Ozran Beach, Goa

Every now and then you hear people making plans of visiting Goa. The smallest state of India is known among the best places with the most promising and exotic nightlife. The open culture surrounded by amusement, adventure and wildness, the place is home to the most happening beaches and places to explore.

One of those exotic places is Ozran Beach. The isolated spot welcomes all kinds of hippies and nudists in the form of tourists. Filled with foreigners, the place isn’t easily accessible and you need to climb a hill to get there. And when you get there, make sure to lose and groove to the rhythms of happening and nude.


So, are you ready to explore your inner beauty by breaking the shackles of your uninvited boundaries!

Note: Public nudity is illegal in India so don’t get yourself caught. These places provide a secluded environment and make sure that know your surroundings before proceeding further.

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