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Luxurious Jewellery Brands to Woo Your Women

What does your woman prefer the most when it comes to taking gifts? She must be a fan of hand-crafted cards, coffee cups (Or the one with her face on it), sexy clothing attires, precious cutting stone (We call it jewellery) or all of the above.

Well, the last one is the most important one. Now, who doesn’t like an exquisite piece of art with customized design and cut perfectly on edges! These luxurious gemstones aren’t just for show-off but to make sure that you and your woman should look top notch. These little pieces of jewel even have the power to put life inside a mundane outfit and make the overall look stunning.

Here’s the list of some high-end jewellery brands which won’t just make her happy but also bring in that beautiful charm.


Founded by Louis Francois Cartier, the brand doesn’t need any introduction. Known for their exquisite collection, the panther has been their most recognised design which has been altered and modified from time to time to meet the varied taste of their customers. The brand also pioneers the combination of platinum and diamonds resulting in the most appealing designs of jewellery.

Harry Winston

With every aspect, Harry Winston’s designer jewellery stands tall. Being one of the most relevant names in the high-end jewellery business, the brand fulfills the demands of those who have a knack for expensive diamonds and ornaments. Everything showcased under the name of Harry Winston is most elegant, lavish, and long-lasting and can be withstood with time. Their collection of Hope diamonds is worth your time and money.

Tiffany & Co.

The name is quite popular among the masses. Their collection includes ornaments that can be worn day and night and not only women but the brand caters to men and children too. After serving lots of high-end clients in America, they now also have a base in Asia and the credit goes to ‘The Great Gatsby’. They have a group of expert craftsmen which are serving and helping them to reach the greater heights of success.

Their diamond jewels invoke timeless designs that appeal to everyone who likes everything luxury. Their specialty also includes crafting high-end dimensional whimsical motifs of flowers and birds. You can admire them in the form of a brooch, pendant, earrings and hair accessories.


One of the best known expensive jewellery brands, the famous name started as a watch workshop. Other than making luxurious Swiss watches, their jewellery collection is quite renowned around the world. They mainly work with the combination of thick layers of 18-Karat gold and precious stones along with diamonds and platinum with finest of details and precision.


The high-end designer jewellery brand is famous for its collection of rare stones designed especially for the rich and elites. Other than their innovative designs and quality, they are more famous for their size of diamonds. The huge size and their majestic craftsmanship are what Graff exclusively stands for. In fact, the focus of Graff is mostly to meet the demands of huge and bigger stones. And the owner Laurence Graff likes it that way.

Don’t just buy it because you want it, buy it because you appreciate it…

Happy Shopping for LOVE!

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