Naughtiest Strip Clubs Around the World


Strip Clubs have always been among the fantasies of your desired world. When you feel the funk around your hunk, then strip clubs should be the ones for your junk. Well, the main question is, have you been to a strip club? How does it really feel with lap dances, drinks, dared deeds and many things that your imagination wants you to!

Strip clubs are the best way to take a break to get naughty and escape from reality for a bit. They offer an exotic ambiance, alcohol, women (OR Men based on your gender and taste) along with a promising night leading to your lustful incidents. Let’s give you a light of the best strip clubs around the world where the dancers won’t just charm you but will set you on a road to a passionate affair.

Spearmint Rhino, Las Vegas

If we are talking about strip clubs and you can’t find one from Las Vegas, then what’s the point of that useless list! Spearmint Rhino in Vegas is quite exclusive and upscale offering you an option to choose among there 250 sexy dancers drooling some hotness over the night.

If you’re choosing the private room, don’t be afraid to show your stint because here the world will become your oyster and you will call all the shots. The club has also been awarded as the Gentlemen’s Club of the year in the past if you were looking for more reasons.

“Sit Down & Finish Your Lap Ride”

Tantra, Tokyo

Rated amongst the most exotic places, this one has been ranked as the ‘Best Gentlemen’s Club in Tokyo’ for decades. Get your nerves up with Tantra’s sensual affair with their five shows featured along the night. Fancy yourself with their artistic pole dancing, burlesque, Tokyo Geisha Show and 50 dancers from Japan and around the world just to entertain you.

They even the naked sushi party and a monthly event every fourth Friday like Wet T-shirts, Bikini Contest, SM Fetish and much more.

Night Flight, Moscow

The club’s motto, “Night Flight-Do it Tonight” is enough to charge you up. It’s a blend of a nightclub, restaurant, strip joint and a cigar lounge rolled together. The Russian capital is in-fact a hub of all the beautiful women clinging together and Night Flight is just a reflection to that beautiful paradise. Imagine yourself attending a party filled with girls with a graceful body.

Alcatraz, Athens

The popular and most exotic strip club in the capital city of Greece feature live stripping show and is nothing like any other. The tagline says, ‘The Erotic Stage of Athens’ and the club justify it passionately. With some hot and talented dancers, sensuous music & exclusive erotic shows will make up for a perfect escape plan. Get ready for a night promising infinite laughter, fun, and sexiness! For those who crave excitement at every corner of their life, the female and male dancers at Alcatraz will meet your every fantasy.

Le Crazy, Paris

The classic and most iconic strip joint in Paris will try to fulfill your fantasies like Moulin Rouge. Witness the different stages of undressing where the dancers dance as flappers, swing & jive together in a laser light show and even take a bath in showers in-between. All in all, adore some naughty behavior in a place filled with saviours (I meant dancers).

K5 Relax, Prague

Sheltered in the appealing and engaging Prague, K5 offers you a double trouble ride. It combines a slick strip club with a built-in escort service to make sure that you pleasure yourself the way you want. Eat your favourite dish while being treated to some sexy pole-dancing and you can retire afterward in one of K5’s sexiest themed rooms for your hardest-earn dessert.

Seventh Heaven, Tokyo

At Seventh Heaven, you’re always in for a night filled with long rides (Lap dances). The striking and beautiful ambiance of the place is inspired by many other sexy clubs found overseas. Japanese are known for their crazy fantasies involving hentai or innocent school girls in short dresses and many more.

But when it comes to ‘Seventh Heaven’, it was built to help them channel their imagination towards more mature and trained ones. Choose among the blend of American, European and Asian women, and relish some excitement with all night entertainment.

Take the boys out with you and enjoy like this is your last (Only if it is your bachelors because then it will actually be your last).

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