Naughtiest Places You Absolutely Should Not Visit With Your Parents


Did your mother warn you about nude beaches and life of hipsters? And you thought you could take your parents to Las Vegas. Here’s something you need to know, parents are parents and no matter how much naughty they are, they would not like to exposed to your reality of naughtiness. You must have a list handy of destinations to take your parents this vacation but did anyone warn you about the places that you absolutely should not take your parents to?

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands:

Celebrating bachelorhood? Fly to the heaven of Amsterdam. It is a perfect and terrific destination for holidaying with your pals. The rich music festivals, high life and beaches like Zandvoort aan Zee add the flavor of I Amsterdam in life. But, wait what; you are taking your parents along, cancel your tickets now because you don’t want them to see the nudity all around.

Read the rule book of parents, it says no nudity allowed

2. Las Vegas, USA:

Are you looking for crazy amount of drinking and dancing in your life? Las Vegas is your answer to all the notorious amazement in the world. Go, get boozing and dance for hours but, parents are a no no to this city of gamblers.
Las Vegas is a city of sin and no sin you ever wanted to commit in front of your parents. Hold that thought for a while, otherwise your crazy drinking session will look like a dinner in some café.

3. Kasol, India:

Wanna live a life of hippies? Welcome to Kasol where people live a life inspired by Bob Marley. But, if you think of a vacation with your parents, then Kasol is not for them because you don’t want them to see your hippie side. Take them to some spiritual destination and plan a trip to Kasol with your college buddies. Under the influence of weed, sex and rape look same and your parents will judge you for lifetime.

4. Rio De Janerio, Brazil:

Did you know that Rio De Janerio is the sexiest capital of festivals in the world? And do you think your parents will be happy to see women dancing around with wearing nothing but jewels? Yes, you have your answer now; your mom would never appreciate you performing Samba with these naked women.

5. Walking Street, Pattaya:

With only the name, Thailand, your mind starts walking to places and places that are famous of sex on the beaches. While you are planning a walk in the Walking Street of Pattaya, make sure that your parents are comfortable with women walking around in bikinis (Bikinis that are transparent) and throwing a kiss your way. Thailand is a place of sex workers all around and your parents may have some doubts on your dignity as well.

You could give the benefit of doubt to your friends’ choices but parents, they come with a manual of unsaid instructions and you do not want to spoil your image for these sexy spots to go on vacation.


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