Sexy and Most Luxurious Lingerie Brands Ever

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Your wardrobe defines your personality because the stuff stored inside speaks off what you are. Other than those swanky dresses, tank tops, sweet sexy leggings, denim, and formal clothing, there’s a separate spot consisting of the stuff that goes inside. It’s your sexy lingerie pieces. These are the most essential part of your exclusive collection and you never ever want to mess it up.

Lingerie is about your comfort, beauty and irreplaceable style. And just to get that perfect look, the lady of the land won’t shy away from spending loads of those bills. If you happen to be among the few of those who don’t like to compromise on style, then these lingerie brands are just for you.

‘Bordelle’ for the Busties

One of the famous brands in the lingerie world, Bordelle’s exclusive clothing line is focused on designing dresses inspired by Bondage and S&M style. They have blended the classics with their kinkier sensibility giving out the range of products that are sensual, sleek and sexy.

The Secrets of ‘Agent Provocateur’

What Victoria Secret marketed for the mainstream lingerie, Agent Provocateur did the same for the luxurious ones. Their wide range of designs speaks the language of ‘The Bold’ N ‘Flirtatious’ and the artistic creations can bring out your darkest and deepest desires from the land of the sexy.

The House of ‘Pleasurements’

The name is enough to get you to focus on the fancy. The luxurious lingerie brand’s range of clothing is embraced and inspired by the erotica fashion. At Pleasurements, each piece is designed to perfection and each purchase from the brand is packed with a small gift as a token of appreciation. The designer brand is for those special women who like to embrace their erotic and sexual fantasies.

Victoria Secret

This is one such name that you would have definitely heard of in this on-going list. Their collection includes something for everyone. In fact, they have supposedly one of the best lingerie collections out there. From push-ups to silk features, you just name it and they have it. With their fantasy collection, they have modeled one of the most expensive pieces out there (The expensive here ranges from 20,000 bucks to millions).

Fleur of England

Formed in 2001 by Fleur Turner, the lingerie label is focused on designing the most upbeat and fit to measure pieces. Their high-waist and revealing sets of pieces not only sculpt your body but also make you look irresistible and sexy. Their designs will give you a new way to look hot every day.

Guia La Bruna

Guia is among the youngest designers in the lingerie world. Her in-house designs have a flair of vintage looks remodeled for the youth. From samples to end design, everything created under the name of Guia La Bruna is in-house. In this way, the brand has been able to maintain those standards of high quality and craftsmanship. Experimenting with the current designs to form fun shapes and a frisky look is what Guia does to bring life in the old.

Lingerie comes in all forms of fun, shape, and sizes giving you a reason to feel cozy and confident. It’s time for you lose that shyness and cover your body in drooling hotness and feel the real meaning of beautiful.

“Because you’re sexy and you know it!”

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