Star Celebs Weird Addictions


Our Star Celebs Have Had Some Weird Addictions Which Will Make Us Look Pretty Normal

There must have been an instance or a time period, where we came to found out about our addiction related to a particular thing. You may find some kind of hobby or vices that you love doing. For some people, that love goes beyond the limits. It can be cigarettes, a particular sport, specific food dishes, movies, and many other things that a person can be obsessed with. All in all, it’s safe to say that everyone has some kind of obsession.

Well, not just you but our celebrities too are dealing with obsessions and addictions. Some are common, normal, and funny, but some are too weird to try or to even explain.

Jessica Simpson’s Love for Nicotine Chewing Gum
Yes Sir! She actually got addicted to nicotine gum once. The strange thing was, she never smoked, but got thrilled by the taste of those chewing gums. She revealed that a piece of gum gave her more energy than the three cans of red bull.

She told about having it for the first time at one of her close friend’s place (Friend’s mother gave it to her.) and she felt like fireworks and party in her mouth. It’s a strange but unique addiction to drool too.

Michelle Williams Email Addiction
You must have heard about people getting addicted to porn, social media or drugs. If I tell you, that Michelle Williams is hugely obsessed with checking her email. She may forget anything but not her mails. She even compared her email checking phenomenon to getting dopamine hits.

Shahrukh Khan’s Cigarettes Obsession
We all knew about Shahrukh Khan’s smoking habits. Chain smoking had once been among the likings of King Khan and despite facing several health issues; he’s unable to quit the bad habit. He did talk about quitting smoking during an interview with Indian Express. I hope he gets over it soon.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Obsession with being fresh and clean
Jennifer Lawrence prefers the idea of being fresh and clean. Once she expressed her demand to E!, that she loves soap from the Greenwich Hotel and she wants them at any cost. After listening about this, I too want those soaps from the Greenwich Hotel, because they must be having something extraordinary, that the soaps ended up attracting Jennifer Lawrence.

Kanye West Loves Porn
You have heard Kanye West, and when it comes to rapping, he raps about everything including love, sex, and many things in-between. The idea does give a hint about his love for porn. The rapper has explained about porn being one of his biggest inspirations in the past.

And I will agree with him. Not just him, but the porn industry had been an inspiration to many (I hope you understand the game of ‘Big Daddy’ and the ‘Milky Mom’).
“Well, I’m obsessed with writing about sex.”

Shay Mitchell Likes Hot Sauce (Too much of it)
Now we all know Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars. And there’s no doubt, that she’s a hottie. Maybe, that’s the reason for her being obsessed to hot sauce (Sorry, it wasn’t a good one). Though, it doesn’t change the fact that she is addicted to hot sauce and likes her meals hot.

She even carries one in her Ziploc baggie all the time. Her favorite is said to be hot chili oil from Africa.

Salma Hayek Has a Breastfeeding Obsession
This is one of those addictions, which you rarely hear about. Salma Hayek loves breastfeeding and I mean a lot. After she gave birth, she couldn’t stop it. She garnered everyone’s attention when she breastfed a child in Africa (Not hers). It was reported that she said, it’s time to stop breastfeeding to her daughter. She is going to do it for a week or a month max.

So, did you find these obsessions weird? If not, then give me a high-five.

“Btw, I’m also obsessed with money, expensive cars, and casual clothing.”

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