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Have you ever come around the term ‘Big Dick Energy’? Did it ever cross your mind that what it is or what it can be?

It’s Plain & Simple

It all came to light when Ariana Grande started a debate while tweeting her heart out about her boyfriend, Pete Davidson. First thing first, it’s not about having a big one but has to do more with confidence without cockiness. It has to do more with humility than to do with meekness. The term doesn’t relate to your physical being but is more about your attitude and vibes that you shower on others. So, it’s plain and simple! Either you have it or you don’t.

If you have it, then you might walk with some swag while still maintaining that low key profile. You may be brimming with confidence but you don’t try hard to prove a point in order to crave the not that necessary attention.

The BDE is about generating positive vibes and making people drawn towards them in order to make them feel alive and awesome. It’s a power that comes from within and travels a long way. It’s not about seeking pleasure but drifting it or having it gravitate towards you.

The Dick Doesn’t Have a Business Here!

Yes, the ‘Bade Papa’ of Bollywood and the ‘Big Daddy’ of Hollywood doesn’t have to do anything with it. In fact, you don’t need to have one in order to fulfill the energy run. It’s completely meaningless to especially relate it to the size of your gun. People having the pleasures of big dicks can totally be devoid of the energy.

In fact, if you find one with the biggest dick out there, the chances are that the guy may have lesser BDE than your girlfriend. Actually, people have even suggested toxic masculinity as the opposite of it.

Some Names to Identify With

So, if you still have a question in mind, then let us clear the air with some names to understand it better. Shahrukh Khan, Serena Williams, Pete Davidson, Cate Blanchett, Tom Hardy, they all have it. Donald Trump doesn’t have it (One is enough).

The last thing, if you have it, you won’t ever have to show it. It’s like knowing about your big status and not brandishing it. Also, a person with BDE doesn’t care for your pathetic gender binary and will not pander to it.

Let’s just say, if you have it, you know how to live it.

So, don’t be a dick!

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