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The Magical Macau – Asia’s Las Vegas

Las Vegas must have been on your drooling list of dreamy destinations. The urge to get lost in that glamour and glitz with all kinds entertaining affairs on your list would have been your first reason to score a trip to Vegas. A trip to Vegas is always a great idea but it may also cost you a fortune and that fortune will take years to grow back (Your hard earned money).

Instead of travelling to the far, why don’t you plan a trip to the gambling capital of the world! No bro!!! Las Vegas is not the gambling capital of the world (If that’s what you’re thinking), Macau is!

Often termed as Las Vegas of Asia, the little region of China’s special administration has all kinds of entertainment in the bag and has more than just gaming and gambling to its list of leisure.

In fact, planning a trip to Macau can turn out extremely amusing which would be filled with memorable stories and affairs of your own adventures.

Let’s find out what Macau has for you to spend in all the cash-in.

The Biggest Gambling Affair!
Home to the largest casino in the world, Macau will explore the real gambler in you. The no. in terms of casinos is going up every year and as the gambling capital in the world, the smaller region rakes up 3 times more profit than Las Vegas. Also, it’s the only place in China where gambling is legal which makes it the one of the biggest hub among gamblers.

Traveling to Vegas will cost you more
Yes! The Las Vegas of the east will cost you a lot less (Unless you lose your every penny in gambling) both time and money wise. A trip to Vegas would cost you money, time and too much stress and strain, whereas Macau will let you save on some prospects. Do you want to feel like spending a fortune or creating one?

Sex is On-sale…
At Macau, when you’re talking about everything else, you can’t leave sex out of your necessary equations. From saunas to brothels and from casino girls to walk-ups and several escort services, you will find facilities that have everything with SEX written on it. Also, the options available are quite safe in comparison to others. The scene is quite open in Macau to foreign visitors and there are no real barriers with regards to language. Did someone ask for a body to body massage?

Make a Visit to the ‘City of Dreams’
It’s a mix of everything that the place has to offer. It’s a resort, a casino, a hotel with spas and much more to do with the word entertainment. Catch Taboo – The Show of Secret Fantasies, where it’s all about exploring your darkest demons of desires.

The Flavoursome Food
You can never keep food away when you’re talking about desires. After all, the human has to eat to please their deeds of debauchery. The Macanese cuisine is a fusion of Portuguese and Chinese cuisine. Minchee at Riquexo restaurant or taste their delicious egg tarts. You will be drooling for more of their delicacies.

Do you like the bungee jump?
If you thought Macau was all about casinos and night-life, then you need to think more. It also has the highest spot for the bungee jump. The 233 meters jump from the Macau tower is all you need to get the required adrenaline rush.

What Else?

  • The Historic Centre of Macau is a World Heritage Site. So, you have got something more than just gambling and gaming.
  • One of the coolest things about the Black Sand Bay in Macau is that it actually has the natural black sand.
  • Don’t forget to make a visit to the wine museum where even the most sophisticated of the wine lovers get a complex.
  • Also, when you’re done with everything or even if you aren’t, visit the Panda Pavilion and get lost in the cuteness of crazy and lazy pandas.
  • Macau will make you happy and carefree. So, don’t waste a minute now and keep Vegas for another time because you need to try the Vegas of the east first.

“Make your Moments Magical With Macau”

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