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Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

How many times do you see people around you getting engaged and showing off their expensive rings! You sure are happy for them but God you think about buying the more expensive one for your better one or the ladies out there if you will ever get to wear those expensive stones on your beautiful finger?

If you thought that these are among the finest, then you need to see what celebrities have to offer! Engagement rings are like huge investments and you need to think a lot before popping that out of the box important question. But, for celebrities, these investments are like the change of pockets. So, it’s no surprise when you see them spending big on those engagement rings…

Why don’t you look down and find the lucky ones wearing the most expensive ones…

Kate Middleton

Wife to the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William; Duchess Kate Middleton’s unique ring can never be taken off the list. The 12-carat sapphire surrounded by diamonds carries a lot of sentimental value. The beautiful princess Diana wore this ring while being engaged to Prince Charles. The 500,000$ may not look expensive enough but the royalty is worth much more.

Price: Estimated to be around 500,000$

Alexa Dell

When Alexa Dell, heiress to Dell Technologies got engaged to the real estate mogul Harrison Refoua, Dell did share these unbelievably beautiful pictures of her emerald cut diamond ring. It is estimated to be of 12 carats with the price of the ring subjected to be around 2-3 Million$.

Price: Estimated to be around 2-3 Million$

Blake Lively

The beautiful and stunning actress Blake Lively, wife of equally popular, funny and handsome Ryan Reynolds has got luxury on her hand. Well, who wouldn’t be happy if her husband is Ryan Reynolds! She wears a 12-carat oval-cut diamond ring which was designed by the Celeb Favourite, Lorraine Schwartz.

Price: Estimated to be around 2.5 Million

Grace Kelly

Do you remember the iconic star, Grace Kelly? Grace Kelly was much more behind the image of an icon. When the successful actress said yes to Prince Rainer III of Monaco, the prince didn’t just propose but pulled out a bomber. He gave her the 10.47-carat emerald-cut diamond ring by designed by the famous luxury brand Cartier.

Price: Estimated to be around 4.1 Million$


Beyoncé and Jay Z, the most iconic musical duo got married ‘Secretly’ in 2008. But it’s not about her secret wedding; it’s about her not-so-secret engagement ring. Jay-Z gave her the mind-blowing 18- carat emerald-cut flawless center diamond. It is set on a split shank band with micro-pave diamonds in platinum.

Price: Estimated to be around 5 Million$

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor, the famous British-American actress, who got married astonishingly eight times was also the owner of the most expensive ring out there once (Now no. 2). The 33-carat Asscher Krupp diamond set in platinum was designed and produced by Elizabeth only. The ring was set for sale at an auction which was bought by Richard Burton for her.

Price: The price of the ring is said to be a jaw-dropping 8.8 Million$.

Mariah Carey

The American singer and songwriter is the owner of the most expensive engagement ring out there. The ring was given to her by the billionaire James Parker. Though the wedding was called off in just seven months and Mariah got to keep the ring ‘Legally’ because she wasn’t the one who broke it off. The record-breaking ring is a whopping 35-carat, emerald-cut diamond which can’t be afforded by anyone.

Price: The price of the ring is estimated to be 10 Million$.

So, are you feeling poor now?

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