TV Series That Will Turn You On!

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We are sure that you must have got a lot on your plate when looking for the tools of entertainment. TV series are one of those amazing experiences which not only keep us hitched with our lappy’s and TV sets but also make us addicted to that reel life of happening events. Suits, Sex and the City, Breaking Bad, House of Cards and many more that have shown us the masterpieces of addictive and fictional reality and have bound us in the chains of entertainment.

While watching them we all get really excited when a scene involving sex, war or a courtroom drama shows up. My favourite is those sexy scenes.

I usually get lost in the beauty of… Ahh! Leave it. Actually, I love sex and I mean a lot. The desirable scenes turn me on to the extent that it makes me rejoice and figure out what can be done to my own life to make it more exciting to the already exciting in my own room involving sexual affairs.

So, how about watching those dramas which have a gripping or an amazing plot along with a pinch (lots) of sexiness here and there!


The name of the show is ‘Skins’. Do you want to know more about the score that the show features in the name of sex! The show involving teenagers showcases the dreamy sex life that we would’ve wanted in our teenage years. It’s about having relationships and sex at every corner known. It would be the last thing you want to miss!

The Affair

This gripping TV drama is about the people hooking up in secret. Witness the part and parcel of the life of two people when they start having an affair and how they counter various life events while being involved in sexual encounters and living the feeling of being desirable. Enjoy the sensuous, hot and catastrophic tale told through the perspectives of the ones involved.

Game of Thrones

Now, the chances are that you have had already tasted the beauty of this mesmerizing show with an amazing storyline involving boobs, sex, deaths, dragons, and power revolving around an ‘Iron throne’. So, let’s focus on the ones who haven’t seen it yet. It doesn’t matter where you’re but please watch it soon or die as soon as possible. Enough said! Because if I said more, it would all be spoilers about who has the biggest b**bs of all.
“If you can’t handle these, then you got the temple bells to be blown and ceased.”


This one revolves around the life of a failed writer suffering from writer’s block and is quite addicted to sex, alcohol and drug abuse. Sounds like a perfect drama for you. The seven sex-filled seasons of this series consists of all kinds of sexual experiments including explicit nudity throughout (With details and precision).


The hit series never really shied away from showing the different spectrums of sexual encounters. Even with all the sexiness and not that much of sexiness, the main focus has always been laid showcasing what real life encounters of sex with all the awkwardness and sexiness would feel like in the life of less-than-perfect characters. Be ready to get fascinated with surprises!

Secret Diary of a Call Girl

The TV show is based on the secrets poured down by the anonymous sex worker ‘Belle De Jour’. Her blogs and books are responsible for the character of Hannah Baxter, a high-class call girl in London popularly known as Belle. The series has a humorous approach to sex where you will enjoy the bare breasts and bottom (There’s more in the diary).

Masters of Sex

The best is always saved for the last. ‘Masters of Sex’ deals with research and sexiness alike and is based on the biography of William Masters and Virginia Johnson conducting sexual trials around the 50s and 60s. It was basically the birth of a sexual revolution or call it the birth of sexiness which is ruling our minds and lives in the current scenario. I won’t go further into it and let you find out about the research of exploring the perks sex and sexuality.

I hope that you have got enough content to explore…

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