What Happens In Vegas Never Stays In Vegas!


Are you familiar with popular saying (Yes you are…)? One of the most famous cities in the USA, Las Vegas is quite famous among the groups of elites for its fancy and luxurious lifestyle. Being one of the biggest parties and gambling hub of the world, everyone dreams to visit the sin city at least once in their lifetime.
If you happen to be one of those lucky personalities that will visit the city soon, then let me suggest you the liveliest places around the city that will take you on a ride. Because you may be visiting to explore Vegas but without knowing it, you’re just a Vegas Virgin (It’s time to lose it soon).


If you didn’t visit XS, you didn’t visit Vegas at all. Call it the most elite or modish; XS comes under the list of most expensive nightclubs ever built. Offering all the glamour and glitz, the nightclub has witnessed the best talents among the DJ fraternity such as Avicii, David Guetta, Skrillex and many more. T The only concern will be the dance floor because it’s always crowded.
Other than that, the club also offers the bars big enough to drool around and a poolside area to host a pool party and hang out with your special someone (That you will). Go there on a Sunday night and may fall in the pool (Accidentally).


If you want to get away from the from the hardship of life and move into the groups of likeminded people craving for parties and never-ending fun, then Marquee is definitely a place to be at. You’re going to witness some throbbing and banging while grooving and spilling your drinks on those killing beats of EDM. The nightclub will make you feel like a classic Vegas clubs where you would forget everything other than pleasures.


Tao has been around for more than 15 years now and is still the hottest properties among the nightclubs. The place offers an eclectic ambiance along with a diverse environment divided into different areas, playing different kinds of music. Everything is built around a Buddhist theme where you will find girls dancing on the floor, tables, and bathtubs (covered in flower petals). Do you need more reasons to go (I forgot to tell you about the girls dancing in glass boxes)?


Light boasts of a nightlife experience that will make it more lively and happening. Rated among the best clubs of Vegas, Light blends in the incredible technology with mind-boggling acrobatic acts on the ceiling (Yes, you got that right). DJ Baauer (The Man responsible for Harlem Shake) is among the regulars at the club. So, visit the club if you want to witness the wild party goers going crazy over acrobats.


Hakkasan is the newest addition to the list of fancy nightclubs that the city of Vegas has to offer. Divided into five floors, the place offers spacious lounges and an outdoor garden bar and pretty massive dance floor. And add to that, one of the biggest DJs like Tiesto, Afrojack and Calvin Harris performing for a crazy crowd going gaga over the tunes of EDM. If you don’t want to get involve into dance and parties, then you can step into the Ling Ling Lounge (On the third floor) to sit down and listen to some hip-hop.

Note: The Hakkasan restaurant next to the club offers best of Cantonese cuisine.

So, are you going there anytime soon?

I guess you’re already making plans and thinking of living your own crazy stories. But the actual fact is even if you come back from Vegas, your mind would be still living those nostalgic moments and reminding of those crazy and naughty deeds done in that amazing past.

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