5 Dressing Hacks To Look Slimmer


Are you one of those people who are built conscious? Foodie is your second name but you want to look slimmer in Saturday’s party. Stop, take a deep breath and continue reading because we’ve got your back.

These dressing hacks will keep your extra inches hidden under the covers.

Black does not crack:

Pair your black shirt with black pants and see the result yourself. Black is the darkest color and it automatically makes you look slimmer. Have you ever been told that you slimmer today? And did you notice you were wearing black color on that day? Yes, that’s the trick. Black overalls are most appreciated and it is also a color of royalty.

Go for Stripes:

Are you also one of those people who could wear stripes all along everyday and everywhere? Make room for some more vertical striped t-shirts in your closet because they make you look slimmer and taller. Vertical stripes create illusion just like your childhood bed stories.
But, you might wanna say no to horizontal stripes, they may steal the look of the weekend.

Monochrome is the new slim:

Monochrome gives you elongated shape and your built is not divided between two parts. This frame your body in slender style and imagine the mirror saying,” hey, you look slim today”. Choose blue shirt with blue pants and you are ready for the evening.

Grab the blazer:

Blazer gives a narrow streamline to your body. The vertical length creates an illusion of continuity and it hides your bulges around the waist. Blazers can hide the unpleasant upper arms and long lined layer makes you look slimmer.

Do not wear baggy clothes:

More often than not, we try to hide under the covers of baggy clothes under the illusion that our bulges will be given a shield. But, baggy clothes add the bulk on your waistline. Now, you do not want to tell anyone that, “Look, here’s my waistline”. Slim-fitted outfits work wonders on your physique.

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