Dreaming About the Naughty Sex Under Showers

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Sensual, seductive, sensitive and intimate! That’s how we tend to feel while indulging in the secluded art of sex. Sex has always been the hot topic of conversation and if you’re a fan of it (I’m the biggest one), then don’t shy away from it. There has been a lot of stuff tried over time (By you and your partner) to make it more adventurous and long lasting but the lustiest vibes comes from dreaming about shower sex.

“Enjoy the Steamy Affair of Naughtiness”

It’s never about the position, situation or sensation, but achieving satisfaction after giving everything in that cosy hour. So, when it comes to shower sex, it’s always about unearthing the unsaid dreams and getting more adventurous whether it’s about stroking her hair while she wraps her leg around your waist or the little drops of water splashing over your bodies giving something more to go on.

Period sex, sex under moonlight, at public places, hotel rooms or at a friend’s place, but nothing will excite you more than to take your partner under showers and doing it more creatively, restlessly and freely (Because, you don’t have to clean much *Wink*). Without a doubt, sex can be counted as one of the best feelings offering you great pleasure and when you combine it with shower, it becomes divine (Also, you will always go through “Chap Chap Chappak” moment while pleasuring each other because water does wonders).

Though, you will find people calling it a bit difficult and risky, but what’s life without risks (When it involves this much fun, then you would love to take it anyway). So, while reading it and dreaming
more about it call your partner and do it now under the showers. Also, try an odd or naughty way
(Like lifting her up or putting her down) to reach and conquer the greatest height of pleasures.

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