Indian Men Obsessing Over Bhabhis’

You must be quite familiar with the word ‘BHABHI’. The lifelong desire of Indian men and their drooling fantasies to do the dirty has turned the debate fiery and intense.

Oh Ya! The shizz is real and maybe you get the same vibes while thinking about your Bhabhi. Well, for the readers here, bhabhi here doesn’t only mean sister-in-law but any married woman of your age or near yours or equivalent is politely referred as Bhabhi.

It’s A Long Never-Ending Discussion!

It has been an age-old long discussion involving the cozy relationship of a man with their real or so-called sister in law.

Having sexual fantasies about Bhabhis has always a point of talking. Even the historical events tend us to do so. Do you remember when Draupadi married all the five Pandavas (Obviously, the better than an Olympian archer, Arjun was her favourite and the only choice) at the order of their mother or the rumours about Rabindranath doing rounds around his sister-in-law it kept us talking more about the fantasies?

We Indians sure believe in the concept of chastity but the scene is quite different from the inside. The Bhabhi fetish actually takes its origin from the preferences of male wanting to date and do the older women.

The Survey Says it All

Surveys in 2017 by the global leader of the porn industry, Pornhub revealed Indians taking the third place and kicking Canada out from the list of most porn watching countries (We were fourth last year). Can you have a guess about the most searched category among Indians? You don’t even have to guess, because, Indian Wife, Indian Bhabhi-Devar, Indian Bhabhi along with college girls (Again Indian), takes the center stage.

Savita Bhabhi Adds Fuel to this Obsession

If we have to add more, then Savita Bhabhi will also ring the bell as the favourite and the most ideal bhabhi adding fuel to your raging fiery testosterone. Savita Bhabhi is also responsible for screwing with the minds of Indian men. In fact, the psychological reasons put-front for this unusual obsession is the imagination and several sexual connotations drenched in with the word ‘Bhabhi’.

Savita Bhabhi fulfills that with a strong Indian touch and cravings for wanting more with respect to her sexual desires. She’s never satisfied sexually and believes in pleasuring rather than just seeking it selfishly. She’s your answer to neighbour’s hot wife. All these reasons and connotations make it more irresistible for Indian men.

Science Have Something More!

There’s actually a theory (Search the web if you want, it has all the answers) which suggests that a human will try to go after something that they can’t have. It’s a basic human nature and we can all agree with that.


So, what are you obsessing about other than BHABHIS?

You can also try chocolates, butter chicken, Paneer Masala, caffeine, collecting important things or you can also obsess over making a good career. Or maybe you can try making people around you happy other than obsessing over unusual stuff (Just getting philosophical).

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