Masturbation: Finger Lickin’ Good

Masturbation is an ages old process so; do we need to be ashamed of it? Have you ever heard a woman saying, “I masturbate myself regularly”? People at college parties or night out would talk about anything and everything but do we get to hear about sex and self-pleasure often? When the world is evolved because of sex,

why do we consider this as a taboo?

We’ve come a long way in innovation and technology but our ages old practices still pick a hold on us and the reason is religion. Religion associates sexual pleasure with sin and “sin do I wish to commit because a rebel I am”, no woman ever said in history of mankind.

Does that mean women do not masturbate? Let us just uncover this myth because let me tell you, I am a woman and I indulge myself in self pleasure very often. Sex Therapists have witnessed men admitting to masturbation then why women are still afraid of this?

Solo love makes your relationship healthy. You can say goodbye to your stress because Masturbation is at rescue. And the hike in sale of vibrator is the explanation that women do masturbate. And could I ask you what’s the problem in exploring about one’s own body? Women who masturbate are found to be healthier and satisfied in their sexual lives.

Masturbation helps you to understand your internal organs and you can explain to your partner what you want from them. You can do it for your partner and play around with each other.

And let me tell you, women tend to get more sexually aroused than men and they do discuss the ‘sex’. Then why it remains a taboo for women to masturbate? Because even after being in post feminist era, we are stuck with our “Nurturing Mothers” process and if women were found to be enjoying their own companies, I don’t know what would become of this world.

Now, with this rage in your eyes, aren’t you seeking a quiet place to masturbate yourself? Use your vibrator tonight and let kids play with your boobies tomorrow.

“The world would be a much better place if men said that they cry and women that they masturbate”.


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