Naughtiest Things You Never Knew About Condoms

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Condoms are your best friends and friendliest enemies at the same time. Sex involves a lot of intricacies and you don’t want to get got in between those. For you, it’s about getting pleasured by the moments of lusty desires and not by the problems involved. Condoms do give you a fair amount of protection against STD’s and unwanted pregnancies but are they 100% effective, was it the same as always or there’s something more to it? Let’s go down the road to find something naughty about the hats worn by your Moby…

1. 100% Effective is a NO

No condom can ever provide you 100% success against sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancies. Even if you bring in all those right measures to wear a condom, the success rate of a condom goes up by 98% but not 100 (Ye toh dettol se bhi kam hai)!

So, wearing it correctly is much better than to regret it later.

2. The average condom can hold more than you release

No matter what, these little human helpers will always get your back. As the technology has evolved overtimes, the presently manufactured latex coverings have got more balls than their previous ancestors. An average condom can hold up to a gallon of liquid (Water).

3. The Chinese and the Japanese Ones

Apparently, both the civilizations introduced their understandings of condoms and it wasn’t like the safest to strike. On one hand, where Chinese made silk condoms said to be lubricated with oil, the Japanese made them out of the shells of the tortoise. They utilized Kabuto-Gata to cover the Glans. It also helped the ones suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Was it fun or just a plain run!

4. They were mainly for the rich once

Prior to 19th century, they were only sold to rich because of the fact that they were expensive the lower class wasn’t aware of its proper use and its effectiveness against venereal diseases known in those times.

5. The Present Form

The present popular form of a condom is the latex one and they are nearest to your safest ones and first of these came only in the 1920s though. Going by the modern conditions, 30,000 condoms are produced per hour which can be lubricated with spermicide and flavours accordingly.

“Call these funny or pun(y) but these are worth your money.”

6. They have been record-breaking at times

Condoms have also been part of record-breaking feats and one of these will surely make you say the word ‘Really’ on the repeat mode. Some of the records include

The record for most condoms pulled through the nose at once is three (‘Really’ ONE)
The longest condom chain (25,773 condoms tied together),
The largest condom mosaic was made using 685 condom packs.
The largest condom ever made (72 feet in length)

7. The World War Stories

These were quite informative and funny too!

The Americans and Brits (Army) didn’t use condoms. As a result, the number of soldiers with the cases of Syphilis and gonorrhea were more than the word huge.

On the other hand, it was quite opposite in the case of Germans. They were in-fact deployed with condoms along with weapons and ammunition (Something for their own gun).

8. 95% of Indian Men don’t use Condoms

Latest among the weirdness of condoms is the claim by the famous condom brand Durex, that 95% of Indian men don’t use condoms. People claimed that condoms take the real thing away and you don’t feel the closeness or too much of skin to be precise.

But, it’s all about saving your nuts. So, wear one if you don’t want to take the risk of pulling your gun.

9. The Main Reason for Not Using One

Even in the modern times, people among us have their own insecurities. They are either afraid of purchasing condoms or don’t even know the proper use of these rubber icons. It inadvertently makes them go against using one.

So, what did you learn today? It’s about condoms and you need to use one to save your gun!


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