Most Amazing & Naughty Places to have a Quickie


Sex is an ice-cream offering lot of fancy flavours and everyone loves the taste because there are some long lost and worldly desires that needed to be fulfilled with time.

Though, there are times when you have to pull out the magic of quickie, because the situation demands!
Faster, hotter, sensual and desirable, a quickie is odd, out of context and yet passionate enough to keep the romance going. If you haven’t got the taste yet, then do it soon or you won’t be having any stories to tell it to your grandchildren (If they’re forward enough *Winks).

But WHERE is the main question? And an apt answer can be ANYWHERE offering you an intimate and private affair for few minutes would be enough to get you going and finishing in time (Because the more you take, the more will be the risk of getting caught).

Here’s the list of those quintessential places where performing a quickie will be quiet quirky (Because there’s no time for foreplay and clothes, just the risky sex).

At the Beach Under Moonlight
Sex on the beach has always been the hot topic and everyone must have given a thought to it in their lifetime. It’s an ultimate turn on and performing a quickie under the moonlight while getting soaked in the sand or in the sea pleasuring each other, it brings in the more heat (The sea will work in your favour). So, if you’re traveling to a place with beaches, then don’t forget to take a walk with your partner to the nearest beach at the night time.

Your Friend’s Wedding
It’s not just the groom and bride who are supposed to have fun, but you can too if you’ve got your plans sorted. Find a room or a place dark enough to hide your dirty deeds. And no one will notice you being gone for a few minutes or so.

Night At the bar
Bars and nightclubs are fun enough to bring in your party animal and when the booze kicks in, the closeness clicks in. And in that very moment, it’s quite impossible to not to think about sex and a quickie at the bar would be thrilling enough to fulfill your to-do list. So, find a bathroom without those long-awaited lines and a lock (Because you wanted it to be closed). Also, the crazy and wild music and the beats by the DJ will be enough to cover the sounds of your moans (Or don’t moan at all).

Stairwell in your building
It’s quite clingy to think about doing it in the stairwell. There are dangers of getting caught by your neighbours or getting heard by your family and friends, but the risks involve makes you want it even more. Take the stairs and make it look like you’re going down (That you’re) and do it when no one’s around. Make sure to be precise with position (Prefer Doggy Style) and your pace (Be a bit fast) and butterflies in your stomach will make it more happening.

In Your Car
What’s quirkier than going on a long drive and doing it on the roadside in a place too secluded to share the intimacy and bonds of the holy affair (I guess, you know about those secret bonds). Try the safe old missionary or make her climb at the top. It will be amazing and quite hot (If your AC is off) and after you’re done; the feeling of satisfaction will be all over you.

So, take out time for some fast and risky loving while ignoring the situation, location, and apprehensions.

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