Friends With Benefits For Millennials


Why to stress so much, you are single, so is your friend, you can work out a ‘friends with benefit’ thing but it does not come as easy as are it seems to be. They are somewhere between casual One Night Stands and sex with your spouse. The person is well known in this but do we really stay connected after FWB?

What’s the ‘benefit’ in friends with benefits? You can have orgasms, yes, and the real ones.

Here’s what you need to know before you hit the board:

1. FWB and ‘no strings attached’ are different.

In FWB, you are in a consensual sexual relationship with your friend but in ‘no strings attached’ it could be casual sex with some random person. Speak about it with your partner before starting one.

2. Is he/she the right friend?

Sex in friends with benefits is consensual but you still need to know if that friend is right. You do not want to indulge in with a pervert who will steal all the fun from sex.

3. What if feelings start developing?

This goes without saying, you two are friends already and the feelings are always there. Keep a check if you are getting emotionally attached with your partner.

4. Keep it safe

If you keep multiple partners at one time, try to use condoms because developing a risk of diseases is only 1 condom away. Ask your partners to carry that as well.

5. Build the communication

Why communication is important? What if you start developing feelings or what if your partner does? And how much freedom and space you allow each other outside these friends with benefits relationship. Talk more, it helps.

6. Are you getting jealous?

Gradually, when you head towards such a thing, one person starts to get jealous, know it’s time that you end the relationship. If it makes you jealous that your partner is hanging out with his other set of friends then you better back out before it starts affecting your relationship.

7. Tell them if you want more

People do find their partners in Friends with Benefits relationship; you may get lucky to find one. Tell your partner about how you feel for them and see if the magic works for you.
But, be ready to face a rejection as well because things might turn upside down.

Friends with benefits can be fun, you do not have to go back to that emotional crisis and you can still be friends after crazy amount of sex.

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