How big are you?


Like girls get crazy about putting on weight, boys also get conscious about their size but does the size really matter? What if I told you that you lived a life of lie? The cultural perception went wrong all the way down to size of your penis.

We are here to put an end to your insecurities because guys, women have different preferences for size and if I said ‘it does not matter at all’, I would be lying. To the famous question, “If I am big enough for you?” the answer is yes, size matters, but not in the way that men think.

You can stop being a douchebag because that dick is a bonus

Are you too big to be true?

No, it’s not always true. Women do not seek for big sizes always and you know guys, you can stop flaunting that equipment now because if you have the gun and do not know how to shoot, you are not on the priority list of women.

Now, the show doesn’t end without climax and many women feel that guys with big penises often fail to get them one. I mean how selfish it is to only get the business done and not care about your girl.

With big size comes big trouble, have you tried without lubricants? Yes, that is your answer, it gets difficult to penetrate and if you are under impression that ‘the more, the better’, you have gone wrong in your life.

And one little suggestion, if you add some intimacy, love and foreplay in your sex life, your woman would be happier because big size could only be used to scare her.

Are you too small?

No lies taken, no woman on earth likes a thumb sized man. An average erected penis sizes between 5.8-6.2 inches and women have shown their satisfaction with this size.

Now, for example, if your willy is like your pinky toe, you may face some “not again” comments in bed from your woman. Include those positions that make you reach her boundaries and let her know who the boss is.

So what’s the hack for this?

Size could not be controlled by men as the biological factors come into account therefore, just adopt one key to a satisfactory life, no matter how big or small you are if you know how to use the knife, you are good to go for the dinner.

Women have mentioned in their girl-talk that they prefer intimacy over size. Know how to compensate for your shortcoming (it is only natural), be the rider and there are many ways to get her to climax, if you know what I mean.

And, of course, you know that Missionary is not the only position, try different positions to make it the best sex of your life.

As I will sign off for the day, I would suggest, have the technique to ride on rollercoaster rather than compensating her with jewellery on your next date.

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