The Art of Giving a Sensual Massage


Has it ever occurred to you that life nowadays is becoming too hard? Don’t you think that you or your partner may require something more than just your unconditional love?

I’m not talking about more and more sex but something that will lead you into having more and more sex. The turn-on factor in sex arrives when you make moves but there won’t be any if one of you is not in a mood to DO. They can be tired, angry or may be going through some bodily pain and rest won’t be enough.

How about surprising them with a session of a sensual massage? It can be a life-changing moment (Bringing some melodrama) that would be sexy, seductive and filled with desired sensuousness. It won’t just be a normal massage but an affair that will focus on the erogenous zones too.

It’s time to find out the secrets leading up to a dreamy affair of a sensual massage. Read it and try adding a pinch of your masala too to woo your other half and develop a bond.

Setting up the desired mood

For starters, you definitely need to take care of the mood of the place. How you set-up the place says a lot about you and your personality. So, if you’re thinking of giving her an erotic and sensual massage and make your place look like one. Let the surroundings speak about romantic outcomes.

Light up the Scented candles along with dim and soothing lights. Get the hand-picked massage oils, and put on some low music playing some romantic scores and songs (That they like). And you would be surprised to see their face when they enter the room. Don’t forget to put the flower petals on the bed.

Start with the usual

It’s all about creating an environment, that’s comforting. Wear something that gives you a feeling of relaxation and can easily be taken off (I hope you understand with respect to the context). Choose between a robe or an innerwear that is quirky.

Ask your partner to lie down and start with the basic techniques of massaging (Yaad karo vo bachpan jab log tumse apne hath aur pair dabane ko bolte thay) which will make them get into the feel. Use your fingers and thumb in a circular motion on different parts of their body and see him/her voicing out their happiness through sounds like, Oh yeah! Right there or Yes, that the point…

Put Some Oil to it

After the mood is set and your partner is in that relaxing mode, bring in the necessary oils. Now, this is the part which you really don’t want to go wrong. Instead of using normal oils, try using proper massage oils or a blend of oils to bring in that required chemistry.

A mixture of lavender and bergamot oils or jasmine and sandalwood will offer necessary relaxation to your muscles and relieve you off than pain to get you in the zone. Don’t forget to add some drops of almond or jojoba oil to make it a magical affair.

“Sensual massages are all about exploring the dirty pleasures.”

Explore the regions

Now that your partner is relaxed and enjoying the massage, it’s time to explore the higher levels. While stroking their back, chest, and shoulders, make sure to move your hands a bit here and there to make it as sensual as possible. Work on the back above the hip area, a gentle rub on the chest and exploring the area near the neck will definitely release their happy hormones.

Make sure that you also explore the groin area and rub the loins to enhance the already ongoing freaking and burning sensations.

Do Some Dirty

You can tie your partner’s hand (And legs too if needed). Try touching them gently and tickle them softly and seductively. Get your fingers talking, explore every little area and in between plant some small kisses. Make sure that you tease them till the level that they die for more and drool over your body to get some real action.

Finish the Job (Or begin it)

The stage is set and all you have to do is unleash the animal which will take care of the rest. It’s time to finish the job and or may begin it. Remember, the night is long and dark and full of pleasures.

I hope it gets wild.

And condoms, please! Whether sexual affairs or massage sessions turning into sexual affairs; both are sexy and tension free when done with required safety.

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