The Naughty Bucket List You Should Check Before 30


Life is too short for boring, get going with these Nottiest things to spice up your sex life. And discuss with your partner, he might want to start licking you right away. You must have dreamt about the wildest of fantasies, why not to check them all.

Can’t Keep Calm? Try Some Notty Sex.

1. Role-Play: Been in relationship for 2 years and no role play? Learn your partner’s biggest fantasies and dress him as a nurse if you will. Let the doctor in him begin the game and play it hot.

2. Shower Sex: Sex in shower is always amazing. Just get down on him in shower and see the magic of drops falling on you two. Kisses in shower sex gets more intense and you can enjoy the intimacy. Seduce your partner with your wet lips. Shower sex can be risky but hold on to your partner and come closer.

3. Rough Sex: Wild sex and rough sex is a must to keep the love going. Get rough and be the in charge this time. Scratch his back with your nails and push him down there. Pull his hair and tell him who the boss is today. He will be turned on to see you taking the lead and make him your slave.

4. Sex in Public Toilet: Sex in bedroom is romantic but in public is even more fun. Have you tried having sex in a flight? It gets as interesting as you can think of. Just grab his Naughty Boy and have the hottest sex of your life.

5. Playing with Ice: And Ice can do wonders. Make a trail on her back with an ice cube and kiss that trail with your warm lips, see her going crazy in your love. You can also go down on him with an ice cube in your mouth and let him dance to your moves.

6. Threesome: Every couple have this fantasy of threesome, either you want to have a third guy or girl, talk about it with your partner. And remember, no one should get jealous of it. You know how kinky threesomes can get, just involve different positions and let the gang bang start.

7. BDSM: Play wild, handcuff her and get a hold of her back. Make her your slave for the night and make her do everything that you love. Let her submit to your love and take control of her body. Undress her while kissing her from top to toe.

8. One Night Stand: Going through a rough breakup? Try One Night Stand with someone you fantasise about and let the game begin. No strings attached, no emotional baggage, just the two of you beating the hard time with some crazy amount of sex. Do not think of calling her again, just forget that you had it and be that a distant memory for you.

9. Anal Sex: Get ready to have sex with an ASSHOLE, it ain’t getting any better. Anal sex could be hard on your girl but once you try it, watch her begging for it. Only don’t forget to use lubricants, make her feel comfortable too.

10. Sex Under the Stars: A romantic relationship is incomplete without sex under the stars. Go to terrace or a forest this weekend and get naked under the stars. Do not think that no one’s watching; stars have all the eyes on you, just kidding. A blanket of stars and some romantic poetry on her eyes will bring you two more closer.

So what are you waiting for, call your partner now and get some dirty thoughts on sex. Oh, are you having phone sex now? You two continue with your romance and I’ll check out of here.

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