Underwear Fetishism Is Real and Ramping


We were sitting together discussing our fetishes and obsession. My friend Shreya confessed about how she likes when someone licks her feet. Vicky and Natasha mentioned how they prefer the charms of oral sex and Andrew told me about his thing, i.e. playing with a women’s underwear.

Soon after listening to this, I recalled a moment where I found my brothers on the rooftop playing with undergarments that belonged to an aunty (Milf would be more appropriate) in the building. I did some research and found out about the underwear fetishism. It is real and if you discuss it, the chances are you would end up finding people in your own group obsessing over undergarments. Not just guys, but even girls drool over their man’s underpants.

There are millions out there living with all kinds of their dirty doings over undergarments. There are some who are trying to curb their obsession or making it go away completely.

What’s the real deal?

From bras to panties and from stockings to jockstraps, the obsession can involve anything. The phenomenon is quite natural and can’t be taken as paraphilia unless it causes distress or some serious problems for the person dealing with the issue or people associated with it.

Under these fetishism, chances are that you may encounter people who like the smell of used panties, the essence of wore bras, wearing other gender clothing or sometimes even stealing them to get over their fantasies. To some, it may bring out the real naughtiness out of them.

A Japanese Study On the Issue

A Japanese study has described that this obsession is caused due to decrease blood flow in the brain. The experiment was done on a 24-year-old patient, who was caught multiple times stealing a woman’s underwear.

A SPECT scan revealed that he did, in fact, have a slightly less than normal brain layout. The cerebral blood flow was found to be decreased in the temporal and occipital lobes. Even though the study showed a correlation between brain flow and fetishes, it still lacked multiple comparison and statistical analysis, so it can’t be validated.

Some Amazing Cases

· There was a case where a person was so much obsessed with lingerie that he ended up stealing them from his neighbourhood. The guy belonged to Yulin, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in southeast China allegedly stole the clothing from women in his neighbourhood over the course of a year.

And if that wasn’t creepy enough, he hid them in the communal ceilings of a residential building where they collapsed under their own weight. He sneaked into his neighbours’ homes while they were out or at work with a master key. The number of panties when counted came out to be 2000 (Imagine what he must be doing with that no. of undergarments).

· A user on Quora asked people, “Will I find someone I can chat about my panty obsession?” and a user named u/princesspa0la on Reddit asked, “Do any other ladies out there have an obsession with underwear or is it just me?”

The point here is, they were courageous enough to lay down their drooling factor while there are many who go a step further while hiding it.

· As we all are aware of the openness and weirdness of Japan with respect to sex and love hotels, they also have vending machines giving out used panties (Who knows what they are for!*Winks).

· Also, according to an article by NY Post, a six-year-old Tonkinese cat stole a dozen pairs of men’s brief and more than 50 socks over the course of two months (The feline was frisky).

There are many more such examples to this debate with the endless discussion but the point is you can’t really control your fetishes and one shouldn’t if it’s responsible for giving you that needful excitement (Unless it turns into Paraphilia).
Well, you can keep your fetish with yourself as long as it doesn’t affect, hurt or cause problems to anybody.

“So, what was the last time, you took someone’s inner wear close to your nose?”

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