5 Reasons Why Buying Condoms Online Is The Best Idea!

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Condoms are your best friends when you include safeness to your sleazy sexual encounters. They have become the general part of our lives and looking at the increasing modernity towards sex and its safety measures, people are becoming open-minded towards sex and the use of condoms.

But the ratio of those open-minded lads is very low in comparison to the conservative mindset of the society which is far from the normal with respect to sex. We live in a country where the population is more sexually active and still doesn’t like to discuss it quite openly. Talking about it or about condoms is still considered a taboo in our society.

The topic involving sex and condoms is so serious that, it can kill your sweet and sounding image in the eyes of your parents, relatives and “Samaaj ke 4 Log” (For whom, the search is still going on).

So, the bottom line is, if you’re having sex, then have it secretly. And if you’re buying condoms, then buy it so discreetly that even the guy next door or the bai (Maid) behind your household chores never get to know (Beware of that khabri and Babli of your building too).

We can talk about the sex part later but why you need to buy condoms online should be discussed now.

“Buying Condoms or Completing a RAW mission is almost a same thing.”
It’s Awkward in the Open

It’s good that you give priority to safe sex but the peeps around you will definitely find it against the culture, morals, rights, expression and thousand other words (Irrespective of the population control measure that you’re taking). It will be your worst mistake to buy a condom from a medical store and getting caught by your next door uncle.

To Avoid the Embarrassment

Imagine, going to a nearby medical store or a chemist shop and while buying condoms, and out of nowhere you find your friend (Girl) coming in and addressing the person-in-charge as ‘Father’ and at that same very moment, your father walks in with your uncle (Distant relative) and catches you with a pack of condoms in your hands. Your life will turn from beautiful to bizarre in a matter of seconds.

“Once, I was caught red-handed by my mom and all I could tell her was, ‘Ye Mere Dost Ke Bhai Ka Hai’”

It’s Easy & Affordable

We live in a world where online shopping has become one of the most important matters in life. From gadgets to household stuff and from comforting clothes to slippers, we buy everything online.

So, the question is, why not condoms? Getting them delivered at the ease of your home comfort is what you’ve always wanted. And if you’re buying it online, then there are always some discount offers for the needy (Everyone has needs).

It Will Be Discreet

There are some online portals including NottyBoy which delivers condoms with complete security. It’s so secure that even the person delivering it will never know. The discreet packaging and secure handling will again save you from the embarrassment (It roams around everyone trying to buy condoms in the open).

It’s No One’s Business to Know

Last but not the least, buying condoms, having sex, and even sleeping at the desired time is your own f**king choice and business. No one has a right to put a finger on you and judge your character on the basis of taking protection. So, buy condoms online and preserve your privacy. Because no one needs to know!

So, are you going out or are you going to order because you don’t want to go out!

I asked my girl to choose between chocolate and strawberry (While we were at the supermarket) and the Auntie standing few steps away said, “Over Time bhi le le”.

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