A Sex Menu Defining You!


Sexual pleasures are like the must-haves for any human being or even an animal in that case. Sex is the most loved option for the most couples (Unless you’re an asexual) and everyone likes to get lost in the crossroads of sexual encounters.

It’s all about attaining those greedy pleasures and sensuous orgasms that offer the precious heavenly feeling which can never be defined in words or expressions but only through sexual motions.

All sounds good. Right? No, there is a real deal breaker here. While walking on the roads to sexual nirvana, one of us stops in between while the other is left angry, irritated and unpleased. This unaccepted reality is the harsh truth in many rooms and any couple in this matter needs nothing but a properly curated sex menu.

What is it?
The way to communicate with your partner about your sexual desires is what sex menu is all about. What do you like and what you don’t? How matters should be taken into hands and on what all subjects, negotiations will take place.

After all, it won’t be fair that one of you gets the whole five-course meal and the other has to leave without tasting that fancy dessert.

The word is Exploring
Sex is like an ecstasy enjoyed best when the word satisfaction can be felt mutually. So, it is more about exploring each other than racing towards orgasm. It’s definitely not a race but more of a maze or riddle which needed to share and solved under operation ‘Coming together’.

How should it be like?
It should consist of ideas propagating your ideal sex life. Your fantasies, favourite positions, what turns you on (The word sex is enough for me), what throws you away and everything with possibilities. Now ask your partner to do the same and reach a mutual agreement and make sure that everything is consensual.

Your menu can look like a food menu, a simple list, flowchart, pictures or anything that can easily be communicated.

A sample one may look like this,

What are you into?

Penetrating Sex Positions
Wild behavior
Oral Sex
Role Playing
Foreplay (Always)
Sex under Showers

Things you would like to try
Light Bondage
Sensual Massages

What you won’t do?

What throws you away?
When foreplay is not enough to turn you on!
Too many ideas and blabbering.
Not Much Experimenting
Going with the same old routine

Sex menus are created to set up some sexual and relational boundaries along with the possibilities of trying something new. Make one and share it with your potential playmate, partner, friends with benefits or someone you have regular sex. Discuss your crazy experimental positions, cheesy sensations, and amazing scents.

Now, that you have the menu and maybe the sexual nirvana won’t be far enough to reach mutually!

“Do you have a pen and a paper?”

Bend your pen and cover it with a rubber band to start your acts defining new sexual trends (Old ones will work too).

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