Are You Going Through a Sex Drought? Worry Not!


We counter different kinds of people in our daily lives that we tend to keep in groups of tenacious trolls, the scavengers who like to hunt and in the middle of both ones. I guess my words went like a bouncer.

All I meant was, we encounter three types of people in our precious lifetime, one who have regular sex and the one who are lucky enough to pop the bill and the last kind who have it after marriage. Well, all kinds (Of people) go through a phase where they end up becoming the people who don’t get sex at all, A.K.A. Sex drought.

Sex droughts are difficult to handle and it’s not your cup of tea to get out of it so easily. Not just body or your senses, but sex drought affects you as a whole. Your physical ability, your mental awareness and your sexual state of affairs, it is more of a warning that you need to finish it soon by having it with your partner or end up on the red light area or the second marriage.

So, what should be done to make sure that the possibilities of you enjoying the life happens even with the dry spell?
What could be done that the possibilities of getting laid also increase by SEX %?
Let’s see…

Self Love is the Key!

Sometimes, you can’t explain your situation and need to accept that regretting fate. Start rejoicing the simple things in life, read books, TV series and many more stuff to get your mind away. All you need to do is give it time and it will eventually come to an end.

If the urge is too hard to carry, then you need to play with that hard part of yours and release the self-preserving thoughts through masturbation. The other option is sex toys. There are plenty in the market for women and men too.

Try Talking to Someone…

Whether it’s your friend, doctor, brother, or even your elder sister (But not your father or mother), talking always helps. Find out the cause of your drought (Other than you being a loser because no one is!) and work on it. Maybe, your friend or sister (unless she’s not lesbian) or brother (It’s a rare case unless he’s committed) can set you up with that hot single friend (Where you need to bring in that naughtiness or sit for six more months).

Go for Travelling

Now, who doesn’t like to go travelling (People who are too much into working)! Travelling is an only escapade that will bring your mind to peace. It will give you the necessary excitement and an opportunity to meet some new people (And newer possibilities). Travelling will give you that needed break and visibility to score something (If you’re smart enough).

Casual Sex is Your Bae!

It’s the best option (If you’re good with the game) where you’re not stuck with commitments. There are plenty of souls scavenging around the city that craves for something more. All you need is an eye to identify and you are good to go.

Make sure you don’t end up stalking them because you may be living in the modern world where sex is not a big deal but self-respect, consent and doing it safely (USE A CONDOM PLEASE) is what is likable and romantic.

The Last Resort

Sex is a need that needs to be fulfilled with time. And sometimes it’s not just about creating a connection but also about your health, happiness, and horniness. It doesn’t only release your happy hormones but responsible for releasing your stress too. It cools you down and also gives you your aura and confidence back. So, go to a red light area if you need to. After all, PROSTITUTION is legal in India (Pimping is not).

So, leave everything, go to a bar or club and bring back that beast inside you who was good with words (Because every girl and boy has needs).

Note: If you’re approaching people, then desperation is not an option or if you’re indulging in sex toys or masturbation, don’t end up using these techniques more than often (These things are not good for your health and image and personality).

“Even I’m going through a dry spell. Wait! I had sex yesterday and I’m really sorry if you aren’t getting any…”

“Keep calm because it will happen eventually.”

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