Are you turned off in bed?

are you turned off in bed

Sex is overly hyped but did you know there could be more turn offs in bed than you think. Your sex life does not have to be monotonous because you know what; nobody likes to have sex with a corpse. Get ready to dig the grave between legs and mark the territories with infinity shaped hickeys because sex can get as interesting as your sexting is.

Did you just cum? Oh, I am asking because the floor is wet.

You can always improve if you know the needs of your partner.

1. Talk less, do more

Yes, talking steals away the passionate kisses and hugs. Show, don’t tell. Scratch his back or grab her waist and dissolve in each other. Do not be the showstopper with your words, have a climax with an orgasm or may be 4 in a row. How about it?

2. Hygiene

Oral hygiene is must. Note this in your book of love, if you smell like onions and burgers that you had last night, well, goodbye honey, no more sex today. A mouth freshener could be your saviour, start using one today.

3. Do you smell like rotten apples down there?

Sex 69 has always been your fantasy but oops! “Smelly cat smelly cat, what are they feeding you”.


4. Are you a junkie?

Those bushes between your legs are the perfect reason to break the deal. Are you planning to be a monk or nun? Yes, that’s your answer, start shaving today.

5. Only Missionary is not sex

Have you ever fantasized about spoon position, do not hold back because Missionary is not the only way to get down on each other. Not experimenting anything new will steal the zeal out of your sex life. Crave for more fantasies, if you will. Shower sex is amazing, have you tried that?

6. Are you high on your hor-moans?

No girls, no. Guys do not like fake orgasms and moaning. It’s like because pizza is pizza, so you have to like it. Try a real one sometime and feel the difference.

close up of heterosexual couple having sex

7. Bad kissing ain’t working

Half the girls don’t know where to stick their tongue while kissing and robotic kiss couldn’t go more worst.

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