Sex Cruise, The Game Changer

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Bored of sex parties in pubs and bars? Welcome to the sex parties at sea. Haven’t you always dreamt of buying a beach house and go naked with your girlfriend? We’ve got you a list of things to do on sex cruise. Go cruiser, sail.

Hello from Desire Cruise

No shame is attached to the word nudity here. Optional clothing gets naughtier when couples strip for each other. Threesomes, Orgies and Partner Swapping go parallel to sunbathing and naked dancing around the ship. Life at sea gets hotter and when you board the ship, you forget the world outside it.

Desire Cruise also offers clothing-optional area, signature Playroom and Private Jacuzzi lounge. You must be fantasizing about BDSM and Fifty Shades of Grey made the dungeons and dark rooms at Desire Cruise even more popular.

Massages are always relaxing and after a tiring day, you can afford to get kinky in massage parlors at night. Start your gang bang with group massages; go beyond seduction and start playing it wild.

Go Topless. Go Sexy.

Blessings from Bliss Cruise

Are you tired of your routine jobs and sex in bedroom? Bliss Cruise calls you for an adventurous ride to the land of amazement. Did I say land? No no no, welcome to the SEA of amazement. You might get shocked to see people with clothes here (how unusual is that) because this is a celebrity spot and people often come here for one reason, St. Martin.

You can go wild, kiss hard and forget about it and guess what, no one’s judging you for your one night stand here. What would sex be without sexy themes? It’s like living in Brazil all over again, only this time you are at sea. Run on some champagne and cheer your thirties with your pals.

Wake up the celebrity in you because Bliss Cruise has 7-star accommodation with penthouses, sky suite, and celebrity suite. There’s another home on the ship waiting for you, surprise your wife with this amazing spot.

Love from Temptation Cruise

The first ever Carribean Temptation Cruise invites you to its famous topless event being launched in February 2020. Are you ready to name your valentine after this sex cruise that has just got wild?

There are too many barriers in life already; you can choose to eliminate some by going topless and naughty in pool parties at Temptation Cruise. Say goodbye to the sun and start the life changing game of nights with themes prepared especially for you.

You thought there was no gambling at sea? Temptation Cruise brings the life of casinos, unlimited drinking, topless dancing and pool parties to make your dream come true.


What else do you need when you are showered with titties and beer? Sex cruises have taken nudity to another level with all the eyes only wanting more of party and boozing with some crazy sexual experiences. Get ready to play the game of orgasms right.


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