Best Sex Toys For Couples

How do you like having sex the old ways? Monotonous? It’s time that you hit a sex toy store to spice up your sex life and explore another level of pleasure. You must have heard about vibrators and dildos but there’s more to the list that you can add on.

There are couple sex toys for you to enjoy the sex beyond seduction and your girl will never complain about orgasms again. And if you are living in a long distance relationship, these self-pleasuring toys are a must for you and your partner.

There’s no denying in the fact that sex is the best part of your relationship, as it gets stronger and wilder, you get to explore about your fantasies and both of you try to push your boundaries to seek that pleasure.

When it’s raining outside and you feel horny, you can grab her from her waist and start enjoying these sex toys with her.

Give her a little smack and play with your sex toy.

1. Hello Touch Wearable Vibrator

This vibrator just got a bit more nasty. This is worn on fingers and tucked around the waist so that it does not disturb your sexual sensations. You can monitor the vibrations of your own and this vibrator does not control your moves, you may feel alien at once but your partner will love the experience.

2. Lubricants

Lubricants may not be categorized in the list of pleasuring sex toys but what is there in a sandwich without mayonnaise? Lubricant is important for a smooth, harmless and hard sex in your life.

3. Contour M Ceramic Messaging Stone

Aren’t massages very sensual? You are giving massage to your partner, touching them all over their body and creating that connection with each other. With this Contour M Messaging Stone, you can give an after sex massage to your partner and they will never know that you were being lazy because this stone would do the magic.

4. In The Shower Loofah Doggie Style Strap

Shower sex got to be more intimate than ever. This Doggie Style Strap holds you two closer and she will never complain about orgasm(s).

5. G-Spot Stim Serum

This serum increases the sensitivity and size of G-Spot and slipping it onto your partner will explain why she would love this experience.


6. Panty Vibrator

Tease your partner with this panty vibrator. Sexy lingerie is the key to hot sex between the sheets. This vibrator comes with a panty and gives the control of vibrator to your partner. Get ready to run the night of eroticism and play the game of fantasy right.

7. Preneum Stimulator

This stimulator comes with a ring and a dildo shaped vibrator. The ring helps to maintain long-lasting erections and when you turn it around, it becomes clitoral stimulator for her.

8. Bondage Kit

The name does the justification. For you and your partner, this bondage kit got a lot kinkier. This kit contains hand cuffs, blindfold, ball gag and spanking tool. Let the night begin.

Playing sexual games right needs to be revised, grab these toys and surprise your partner the next time you hit the bed.

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