Boost Your Sex Drive Or Lose Your Vibes!

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Sex can bring you on your toes and can even pull you out of your bad dreams. It all depends on how eagerly you want it or how you don’t feel like doing it! If the second one’s your case, then it may have been because of the way you live your life. You may be stressed, tired, busy or too distracted for going down on your partner.

If you think that there’s not enough chemistry between you two, then there my friend you’re going wrong. It’s either your lifestyle or you’re done with life. Sex carries lots of physical, emotional and biological factors that affect your pleasures and sexual desires.

All you need to do is focus on your body and think about things that can bring your BOB or V-JAY-JAY back to their A-Game. Let see what’s there in the bag fruitful enough to boost your LIBIDO…

You Need To Kill Your Stress!

Yes, for the thousands of problems in the world surrounding you, most of them are due to the word ‘Stress’. You need to completely remove it from your system or the system will kill you. Stress can be caused due to several reasons like toiling workforce, mental pressure or ‘Too busy to see’ life. So, talk to your doctor, partner and even include yoga and exercising in your schedule to kill the wreaking havoc caused by stress.

The Diet Plan…

Working on your diet can do more than you think. Eating certain fruits vegetables and meat can work well and result in increasing the blood flow in your body. Onion, garlic, bananas, and chillies along with eggs, meats rich in omega-3 fatty acids and eggs are known for boosting your lost drive.

Making It More Exciting

Sometimes, it’s not you but the same old routine destroying everything. You indulge in sexual activities but are unable to fulfill your standards, leave your partner alone. The reason is simple and it’s about not introducing anything new or exciting between the walls of your lonely bedroom.

You need to be a little kinky, dirty and naughty. Instead of starting it right away, give them a sensuous massage or tie the hands and tease them till they give up. Experiment with positions and be a little bendy for the dandy.

Include Exercising and Yoga

Following a schedule that gets you on the road to being fit and making your monk hit the bit also includes exercising and yoga. The combination of Yoga in the morning and including some compound exercises helps in increasing your blood flow and testosterone in order to give your wildness back. It also helps your body in releasing the toxic materials from your body making your mind and body active and healthy automatically inducing a better lifestyle and boosting the chances of a better sex drive.

Talk About Your Fantasies!

Let your heart out and speak your mind to find the grind. Sex isn’t about just you or your better half; it’s about crossing the boundaries and reaching the land of satisfying souls together. Talk to each other and tell about your weirdest and wildest fantasies and try them in your secret room or closet (I have a dream to do it in a closet once).

What Else!

· You need to reduce your alcohol intake and quit on those smoking habits.

· Get into that sunlight (The Morning One!) to reduce some melatonin and increase on that urge for some desires of sexual kinks. Try this more during winters…

· You can also go solo (Masturbate) but instead of going fast, try to go slow with your solo.

· Last but not the least, talk to a doctor because no one knows better than the man 2nd best to GOD (I don’t believe in him that much).

“Get on the roads of yesteryear and bring back that animal back to the game of fulfilling the sexual desires.”

Note: Before you pound on each other and focus on ending the game, make him the wear suit of rubber.

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