Bring Some Ice to Spice Things Up!


Sex is like an endless canvas of pleasure which is explored better when painted with fantasies. Some are into massages while some like it wet. If someone likes the ice, the others prefer ties… It’s all about preference after all.

Wait, did I just say Ice? Yes, I did. Ice is definitely nice and when included in the sex menu, it takes the sensuousness of our soul farther than the actual bar. Because repetition is for the millennial and you want more than the usual, plain and repetitive.

“Give your erotic adventures an icy ball and boost your sex with a pinch of sensuous salt.”

It’s Your Mechanism to Some Sexy Foreplay

Ice will definitely help you to up your foreplay game and more than the usual; the chilly affair will be enough to put all your hotness to rest. Let just say, you pass it on to each other while indulging in some hot kissing. And don’t forget but teasing works better when you have some ice in your mouth, hands, and near her clans.

Playing sex games with ice has always been a common fantasy

Do you remember the scene from 50 Shades? The one where ice worked-up Ana like she was actually craving for that icy break. And if we are not wrong, then it worked like a charm on you giving birth to your own dirty fantasies.

It actually gives your sexual acts a chilly edge with some coolness. Try out by giving your partner an ice massage or put the melted one down there and see them feeling the heighten pleasure. To extra sensitivity, Ice is like a charm and with your underwear on, it’s an ultimate turn-on.

It’s the best route to your oral sex ball making you reach the pleasures found among the unexplored regions of sex acts and kinky calls.

Points to Be Noted

1. Never use Ice coming straight out of the freezer. Melt it a bit to bake the real sh*t.
2. Don’t get too cocky or the rocky will end up giving you a frostbite.
3. Don’t get too carried away with the sex and foreplay that you end up betraying your bae! Wear the rubber and forget all the trouble.

Now go and have some wild sex on the rocks…


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