Eat Her Till She Screams With Pleasure!

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I was lying down on the floor of my house with my girl thinking about the sexual encounter ended a few minutes back. It was a session filled with divine sensations where the voices of our inner beings can be heard clearly by our neighbours (As per complains registered over loud music, not the moans).

The idea of sex has always been focused on the intense desire for pleasure. It becomes amazing when you do it with your special someone and the word satisfaction is achieved (More like, “Oh My F**k**g Good God! That was more than amazing”).

How many times do you hear that happening during your sessions?

How many times your girl actually enjoyed those sensations?

Can you really tell that she wasn’t faking it?

Too many questions, but one simple answer and yet a complicated question, if her voice was screaming the word pleasure or was all about being badgered! Was it real or she didn’t moan at all. Sex is a meaningful affair if done right and bullsh*t if someone didn’t hit the right points. It has always been a long debate about orgasms and how to get one.

Every man will love to see his woman losing her control and reaching the point of madness where her voice can be heard by the realms beyond while she crosses the path of multiple orgasms.

The idea here is to make her moan along with that feeling filled with tickling sensations and the intense pain that will make her scream and feel joy at the same time.

Let’s open this box of possibilities where you need to keep note of the rituals that turns her on!

Setting up the desired mood!

Set your place like she never expects you too. Some scented candles, sensuous music along with that dim and soothing light set up in a cleaner atmosphere will definitely give her an urge to shower some love on you and you can carry it forward from there.

Work With Your Words

Some people like the charms of romanticism while others prefer the downward dirty talking. So, learn some words that won’t make you look like a teen. She would really like it when you call her your bitch and would love to submit to your demands (Unless she’s a rebel). Tell her slowly and sensuously about the things that you would do to her in the current sexual session.

Be a bit Playful!

Well, you need to make her wet and for that include some fore-playing, kissing, rubbing, teasing and what not! It’s because going straight down to business isn’t an option sometimes.

Sometimes, you need to prepare a well-informed presentation (Turning her on) so that when it comes to delivering results (Putting your D-Jay in her V-Jay Jay), you have had already impressed your boss. Kiss her passionately, tickle her gently, and blow a bit near her ear. Tease her for the action along with some sucking and licking.

Go Down On Her!

Every girl loves it when her partner goes down on her. After all that fore-playing and teasing, an ideal blowing will add fuel to that intense fire of sexual desire burning her body. It will make her wet and a bit mad to get your D-lad.

Fulfil Her Fantasies

Fantasies work like a charm and turn out heavenly if done correctly and passionately. Ask her what she likes and tell her what you want to do to her. You can include some role-playing where she may ask you to be a male-escort and ask you to fuck her and treat her like your mistress. Some girls like massages along with a little kinkiness. Tie her hands or include a light amount of BDSM.

“Be A Daddy That She Wants”

Go Slowly, Gently, and then Fiercely

You may want to get ahead in this fast-paced life and be successful. You may want to get to the milestones as soon as possible but with all due respect; I want you to take things slowly as possible in the ‘Department of Sexual Affairs”. Explore her and hit the right spots. Understand the difference between G-Spot and the Clit and let her know that you really know. And make it an amorous affair because it will turn her on a bit more.

Experiment with different positions, give her the control and bring in some variations with your speed and the deeds (Because girls dig that).

“She’s All Yours”

One idea and too many possibilities and there will still be a question at the end that if she really enjoyed it (Or loved faking it because she wants a lot more). Well, a man can try his best and leave the rest to test.

“Wait! I heard some girl screaming next door. Dude, that guy is fucking her brains out…”


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