Exploring G-Spot

Have you ever wondered that you were living a life of myth when you said you were high on orgasms? The heightened sensations that you get when you think you have “explored” the G-Spot could be just another fad.

And your next question would be, “Did I go wrong about sex my whole life?” do not worry; we have something for you in store.

So, no one told you that the button called G-Spot is just another part of clitoris? This does not make your sex life any less happening; you can still enjoy thoseorgasms while we tell you about the ‘Truth’ about G-Spot.

What is G-Spot?

Small button in your vagina that arouses you?

It has been described as erotic zone that, when hit inside the vagina, makes you feel orgasmic. The sensations in women vary and that is why guys often hear from their girls that, “I have never experienced an orgasm”.

How would you like it if I told you that G-Spot was “discovered” by a man? Having said that, it is also named after a man’s invention. Ernest Grafenberg wrote about G-Spot in a paper and that is how decades are invested in “Exploring G-Spot”.

G-Spot, have you found it yet?

Have you ignored your clitoris all this time while finding the G-Spot? Let the truth be told, clitoris plays an important role in female sexual pleasures and you can than your clitoris for those orgasms that you experience.

And because G-Spot suddenly came into existential crisis, these sensations were felt because of the internal structure of urethra, internal clitoris and vagina that makes you feel the intense orgasms.

To the women, who get multiple orgasms in their sexual intercourse, enjoy them even more the next but why to ignore your clitoris? Engage your partner in masturbation and go high on orgasm.



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