First Night? Control Your Testosterone


Are you going to get married soon? This one’s for you. Let us revise those plans of lowering the pants and hog like wilds. First night experiences may come with a lot of stress, sham and coyness. Do not worry, we’ve got you covered.

Did you shake ‘it’ well before use? Now, do not be shy, everyone does. Let me tell you one secret, hold your testosterone on your first night, if she gets pregnant, guess who has to live without sex for next 9 months!

Choice is yours, buy condoms or diapers!

And, are you one of those who ‘come’ early to the occasion? Well, overtime is not bad always. Let the truth be told, she also has expectations. Now, you do not want your Kiara to feel unsatisfied with her sex life, do you? You can ask your Kinky-Winky to stay calm for a while on first night.

Oh, so you only have had phone sex before your marriage. Here’s something that you need to know, Read Kamasutra before your first night. Virginity has been loaded with guns and fire that you are scared to go through your first night and your hor-moans get out of control.

Talk about sex fantasies with your partner because you know what, a regular sex can make your day but anal sex can make your whole week. Let the first night be a special memory in your diary of sex. First night does not have to be like jumping on each other and going wild. Control your testosterone and build a level of comfort. Do you want to spend the life with a regret that your test drive didn’t go well and now you’re stuck?

Learn the art of seduction before hitting her walls because those perfumed trails will drive her hormones crazy and satisfied. Do your homework before appearing in exam, shake ‘it’ well.

Say that again, you forgot to keep a condom in your bag? Don’t make a mistake, cover your snake.

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