Foreplay Games – Exploring those Intense Pleasures


While having sex, what do you do to your partner that makes him/her grind or scream with pleasure! Do you go with the same routine of putting in and pulling out or you like exploring bodies with an edge? Let’s get a bit real here! Sex is like our favourite exercise which if we didn’t do it properly or more intensely, the chances of reaching the valours of word satisfaction will be far away.

Now, if you want to explore the real joys of sex, you need to know that foreplay is the key substance to your fathom success. Combine the games of eroticism with your cheesy imagination and show your mate that who has the real bate.

Play the Unusual Sex Games

A bit of kissing and biting definitely gets you in the mood but what if I tell you that before doing that, you need to tease a little. The idea here is to make each other to reach the levels where they can’t resist but end up pounding on you with enormous energy feeling that heightened pleasure.

Bring in the strip tease but with a twist. You can include games like strip poker and stripped down twister where when the loser also ends up losing a part of their clothing. You can also ask questions where the right answers get you to know the fantasies of your partner or getting them naked at once (The choice is yours). It’s all about the sex games where the losing doesn’t sound that bad.

Bring in the Kinkiness and Your Fantasies!

Fantasies speak for everybody! Some like it rough while others prefer the most gentle. If you like digging her up through doggy, maybe she likes being more of a cowgirl. The move is to talk to each other and to know about those crazy fantasies.

Maybe you both can introduce some kinky acts to heightened things up. Now, who doesn’t like experiments while indulging the sacred art of bondage and naughtiness ! Tie her hands and do everything that enhances her sensitivity and wet her parts. All these sexual encounters can explore the unusual and most needed part in your relationship.

Role Playing and Loving as Strangers

Of course, you are the fireman and you need to save her before the fire gets her (And introduce her to the fire inside you). Or you can be the doctor who’s the master at operating their patients but a bit differently. The naughtiness is that when you become strangers, you apply your own rules and do the dares that weren’t there before. Remember to be more creative, kinky, and naughty and move out of your comfort Zone.

The Tales of Surprising Packages

Surprise them with your unusual behaviour. Do anything that involves arousal and everything sexual because it will make the surroundings cheesier! While you both are watching movies, unbutton his shirt and start touching him with all the sensuousness or start giving him the hand job. It will certainly surprise him but also give that ultimate turn on.

Or when she’s working in the kitchen, go in there and start with kissing her on the neck and taking off her clothes (Give her a glass of water first). This out of the blue move will keep her confuse and till she realizes what’s happening, she will already be losing herself to the sexual encounters.

Massaging and Lubing

It definitely works no matter how angry, stressful or groggy you’re. Bring in some oiling, lubing and massaging and you’re good to go (Actually your partner is good to go and ready to eat you up). A bit of lubing offers an extra wetness and easiness to your sexy affairs.

Combine it with your kinky affair and you’re sorted for the evening (Or Morning). Tie them up, blindfold the eyes, and bring in the oil to see her animalistic side.

“Enjoy the delicious love making affair!”

Note: Don’t forget the shield (Condoms) of your weapon and permission of your partner before going to war.

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