Forming Intimacy Without Knocking The Door

How often do you wake up in the morning and tell yourself that you won’t have sex today? The answer varies accordingly from person to person and most probably you would hear, why the fuck I would say no to a sexual intercourse? Unless you’re a woman (I hope you get the humour).

Although, there are times when you don’t want to take part in the sensual solace (It’s just SEX) citing reasons, which can be medical or personal.

So, what would you do when sexual intercourse is not an option? If you think that paradise can only be achieved through intercourse, then you’re not wrong but you’re also not enlightened enough. There are many forms of pleasure and you just need to see for yourself, that how even the smallest of affairs can be useful on your part.

Do you want to find out? Yes, you do and the chances are that you already know about some paths leading to addictive leisure.

Masturbation is the Key

It’s fine if you are not with each other for a time being and it doesn’t have to be about eating each other. Sometimes, it’s all about self-love and pleasuring oneself with just the dirty thoughts of one another.

All you need to do is get on the phone and indulge in sex talks or turn on some dirty porn. You can also savour your mood by including sex toys to your sensual affair.

Killing it with the Kissing, Cuddling, and, the Oral thing

When you don’t have the way to make it inside the walls, so that you can go on a ride, the only thing left is to open your mouth wide. Passionate kissing along with some cuddling will definitely offer you a goal of eating the other (Not literally) as much as possible. That inclusive closeness and hotness will give you the urge to go on for more.

If it’s not enough, then going down on each other will also help (The word 69 will definitely help you understand).

“You don’t always need penetration to fulfil your passion.”

Fooling with the Frottage Or the Out-course

Frottage? Out-course? What is that? Are we talking about food and flavours?
Well, these are the terms to cover what we call the act of dry humping and other forms of stimulation. When the doors of Valhalla are closed and you’re too tired or too moody to get into the sleazy sexual act, the dry humping would be beneficial in those times.

It will provide you the closeness, intimacy, and that needed stimulation and joy of touching each other seductively. All in all, frottage will help you to walk on the road to nirvana if it doesn’t take you there.

Treating it with Tantra

It isn’t always about satisfying your sexual urge, but more about fulfilling fantasies reaching that point of pleasure where you can enjoy the norms of sex and seduction. Using Tantra techniques or the virtues of tantric sex can also bring you closer to your aim of achieving that intense sensuous moments and closeness.

As the practice says, you breathe, stay, and meditate together. And deeply focus on sensations. To achieve these sensations, you can pleasure each other through all kinds of stimulation (Other than penetration), oral sex, and seducing massage.

It will help you to reach higher levels of pleasure and form a deeper and emotional connection with your partner.

Talking, Walking, and Entertaining

You don’t need to have sex all the time to form a deeper connection. And sometimes, being normal in that situation will also help.

Try talking over sensitive topics and understand each other better while going for long walks. Open up about things tell your partner about that memorable affair that still makes you laugh and you can hold each other’s hand at the moment. Make plans for movies or just lie next to each other enjoying the sound of silence. Believe me, it will help you more in growing your love than to satisfy your inner animal through some act that will only go on for some minutes.

I have given you a kind of to-do list to refrain from doing the miss. It will help you when you don’t want or can’t afford to clean the mess. But these are also the things, which can also trigger you to have the sex part later.

If it does lead you to it, then don’t forget the words like consent and condoms.

“It’s not just about sex or pleasures, but more about forming that connection which will make you understand your other half better.”

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