Men Also Need Pleasures…

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Everyone has gotten so much involved with the female spots and their process of orgasms that no one took out time for poor men. We work hard (The one who know about orgasms) to woo our women and make sure that they get to taste the joy of Big Os. We have discussed the charms of G-spot, clitoris, and nipples, but we also need to get our focus on P-spot, penis, and nipples (Sorry, men have them too).

In short, we have pleasure points too and it would be really helpful if you can understand and lend a HAND.

Just look down and explore…

The P-Spot

Yes! Just like G-spot, men have something called as P-spot. The point refers to the prostate gland present at a distance of 3 quarters of the finger inside the anus area. Pleasuring the P-spot is a unique and different experience for a man. Ladies, use of certain lubes, sex toys or the rim job will do the trick.

P-spot can also be stimulated through a gentle massage below the anus area and behind the scrotum known as the perineum (If it’s your first time).

All you need to do is explore!

Don’t forget the nipples

If we are talking about points, then nipples will always make it to the list. As the ladies love the gentle touch and stimulation around the area, the men like it too. Use your tongue, plant a kiss, suck it, pinch it or bite it (But gently), but make sure that you don’t forget it.

You can dance around his nipples while also stroking his penis at the same time. It will definitely make him feel those wanted sensations.

“It can be hard finding the G-spot but the P-spot is right there near the area known to be rear.”

Explore the Scrotum

This part is very sensitive to any kind of touch so do not indulge in biting and pinching. So, everything from sucking, squeezing, and cupping should be very gentle. The main part here to explore is the skin of the scrotum. So, producing a light tickling sensation with the use of your fingers or tongue will trigger your partner to talk into the language of the orgasms.

Remember, just be gentle.

Find the F Spot

Now, what is that? It’s an area that covers plenty of spots. It is a point which connects the shaft of the penis to the glans. The pleasure observed through stimulating and teasing the F-spot can be compared to the pleasures of the clit (of the female).

So, ladies, while giving him the oral, make sure that you slide your tongue in that area and see him go wild. Arouse him more by going back and forth (Or up and down).

Pick the Perineum

One of the least discussed spots; it is present in between the scrotum and the anus. The point holds the ejaculatory muscles and is a real deal offering hefty sensations. When massaged gently and firmly, the feeling offered can be described as one of the best.

While giving him the oral, you can also use your thumbs firmly in a circular motion around the perineum and get to see the altogether a new person. You can also press the point gently when he’s about to finish the job.

“Give him the feeling of an orgasm over orgasm.”

Go and make your man happy.

Note: Hand him a condom before going for that hand, rim, and an oral job.

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