Why Missionary is the Naughtiest Sex Position

When we are talking about sexual intercourse, it’s quite obvious that certain positions (Saddling is one of my favourites) will get a special mention. Discussion can be vast and filled with opinions, but sex is the clear winner here. As far as the position goes, my only concern has been the people underestimating the pros and wows of the missionary.

It may be the most common act among the sexually active souls, but there’s more to it than just going in and coming (Cumming) out. It’s all about being passionate and fulfilling the desires while feeling each other till the end apart them (Just getting melodramatic over climax). So, let’s explore why missionary holds a key position in the games of sex (If it’s not good, then it can lead your present to be your ex).

Feeling the Skin

The position is not just about moving and shaking and getting the job done. It’s about exploring the given opportunity and making it count. Other than offering you the maximum skin contact (And deeper digging), the act is all about using your whole body for some rubbing and touching and arousing your partner even more.

Exploring the V…

While in the act, it rubs your clit and explores the G-Spot at the same time. So, not only it will offer you the best of clitoral stimulation, but will also make you cross more levels of penetration. In short, missionary position is great for females craving for orgasms and good for males with different sizes (It’s your D dude).

Missionary is for the Visionary

Perfect For Snogging and Gazing

It’s all about enjoying to the core and with the missionary on the slot; you can do more than a lot. Combining snogging with the missionary position (Because it’s possible) makes it more happening and arousing. And while doing it, the eye-gazing will give you a better understanding because you won’t be requiring words to express yourself in that lusty moment. In fact, the amorous act provides more intimacy along with those heavenly pleasure sensations.

It’s Easy for the Lazy

It’s a fact that with time, the life has become fast-paced and too hectic for a normal human being. When you have got work on one hand and sex on the other, your tiring schedule will ask you to get done with it in the easiest way possible. And that is when the missionary comes in.

Missionary Gives You Options

You can do more with missionary than you can do with any other sexual position. Try with lubing or putting in that cock ring for some extra rubbing and clinging. Along with that, you can also experiment with closed legs, crossed legs or the CAT (Coital Alignment Technique) and also the pancake (Lifting her knees towards the chin). Even the anal sex is doable via missionary.

So, what are you going to do when the lights are off? Are you going with the usual or bring in some spice with that usual.

Note: Whatever you do on your bed (or in your closet) is your own damn business but don’t forget to wear a condom.

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