Naughty Motions – Doing It the Kamasutra Way!


Kamasutra, the sacred text for the lovers of sexual rituals has got enough to make you a master in the art of lovemaking. From tricky techniques to soft sexy postures including the complex muscle movement, the book of love has all kinds of moves that you may have never tried. Some of them are too tricky and require a lot of strength and balance to even start, forget about finishing it (If the word POWER is not associated with you).

If you’re deep into the practice of sexual affairs, then you must try what the text has to offer. So, why not try the weapons of sex and seduction including those sexy Kamasutra positions. Remember, I have picked only those which are tricky and playful and require an excessive amount of strength.

The Bridge

This is only possible if your man has got amazing strength and is flexible enough to take you on. While he stretches himself and makes a bridge, the woman, on the other hand, straddles him and moves up and down by the use of her feet. Make sure that you don’t end up breaking your bones.

The Clasp

Well, he stands and she wraps (Her legs around the waist). Hold her bottom and the back for support. For deeper doings, she can let her back rest against the wall. If you have got that core strength and energy, this anytime/anywhere sex position is ideal for your dirty doings.

The Challenge

The position requires a great amount of balance, chair/stool, and you two. Here, the girl is supposed to crouch on the stool while the man goes inside from behind. The man has to maintain a certain speed and hold her firmly so that they don’t end up toppling down.

“So, does she have the power to crouch on for that long for him to hold on?”

The Indian Handstand

The position expects the woman of the house to be strong, flexible and a go-getter to be able to perform this one. The man just needs to hold the hips, penetrate, and support her at the same time while the woman does a handstand and balancing it till the end (Be very careful). Is she powerful, flexible and balancing enough?

The Plough

Like the above-mentioned positions, this one too requires a great deal of strength and stamina. The position requires the woman to lay her hands on the edge of the bed and the hips and thighs are lift-up by the man standing accordingly to allow penetration. The woman supports herself by the elbows and man does her job.

The Suspended Scissors

It’s tricky, tasteful and wants you to toil hard. The woman lies with half of her body on floor and foot on the mattress for support where she lies sideways and balances on the floor with her left arm. The man stands to extend across and raises her right leg with his hands. Once in the position, you’re good to go.

The Waterfall

The man sits on a stool with the woman on his lap. While penetrating the woman leans right back and rests her head on the floor (Please, keep a pillow there). As the session goes on, the man takes full control of all the movements. Try it only if you got that flexibility and strength or you both will end up hurting yourself.

Suspended Congress

The notion requires the man to lean against the wall and lifts the woman in the air holding her hips. Here, the woman can grab the man’s shoulders (With hands) and waist (With thighs). The position requires some effort but is worth every bit…

The Lustful Leg

If you’re thinking about doing the lustful leg, then ask your woman to join yoga classes. In this one, both the man and woman stand facing each other. The woman needs to put her leg for support (Bed, sofa etc.) so that the man can enter her. After that, the man can help her raise her leg more on to his shoulder. Make sure to keep the balance and refrain from toppling over.

The Seduction

I will ask the same question again to the woman. Are you flexible enough to do the move? Because you have to be or the body will give it back to you through the pain. In this position, the woman lays on her back with her legs underneath her body. The man lies on top in order to pull off the sexual motion. Do it only if you’re flexible?

The Super Nova

The position is the slight variation of the cow-girl or the girl on top. The man lays top half of his body on the edge of the bed hanging. The woman then sits across and leans back for the support. You need to be very careful so, you don’t end up with a painful back.

These positions are worth your time and enticement and will give you the fruitful results once tried. So, stop thinking about it and start exploring now.

And I have done all of the mentioned ones…

“Did someone say SEX? Why don’t you try the KAMASUTRA style?”

Note: Well, I have just given you a teaser and there’s more to the hidden treasure. These sexual positions are not for the weak or the one with a faint heart and need a lot of strength, flexibility and a bit of carefulness.

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