Why One Night Stands Are Better than Any Form of Sex?

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We live in a country where the population speaks more about the sex scenes than the people itself. It’s a place where people love the concept of chastity but at the same time doesn’t refrain from indulging in the act of One-Night Stands. And if by chance, we are talking about one-night stands, I do have a story.

It was one of those bad days at the office where I just wanted to go home and have a beer while sitting on the roof of my house. Well, I did the same but with a twist (I didn’t do it alone). I phoned a friend who by chance was free but instead of going home we went to a club. While enjoying the moment, I bumped into a girl and all I could reply to her sorry was with a “Hiiiiiiiiii”.

We ended up on the roof of my house drinking beer (Yes, we did have sex after my friend left with for her girlfriend’s). It was casual, intense, and free from all the attachments because sometimes, it’s not about creating a connection but more about enjoying the moment.

When it comes to sex, different people have different ideas. Hook-ups, One-Night stands, paid sex, friends with benefits, serious relationships, open relationships and you would end up with a never-ending list.

I’m more into the concept of One-night stands (ONS). It’s not because I suffer from the phobia of commitment but because, I don’t have to be answerable to anyone, the very next morning. They do have a bad rep but the truth about is far from different.

Let’s look at the reasons that why you should choose ONS more often than anything.

They are Sudden and Spontaneous

The first thing about ONS is that you don’t know if you will be getting any and even if you did go for it, you don’t know how it will turn out. It’s more like a mood changer which has 50-50 possibility of achieving charms of sensuousness or ruins it with a fuck which is minute-less.

You’re Not Answerable for Your Actions

What did you do last night is no one’s business to know! You went to a bar or bumped into a stranger at the supermarket and ended up on the bed (And it was good for a change). Indulging into an act of one-night stand is the case of your own choice and happiness (Unless your parents find out).

It’s Purely Sexual

These are more about lust than love where it’s all about satisfying your soul craving for sexual desires that is burning you from inside. There are no expectations whatsoever. It’s a place without judgments where you do it and you leave with respect and honesty. There are no performance reviews and nothing intentional other than sex.

“I ended up selling my soul to a stranger and I felt good about it.”

They are the Confidence Boosters and Stress Buster

There comes a time when you feel very low in life and everything seems to be falling down. Your partner has left you and work is eating your remaining life. This is where the idea of casual sex strikes. At this point in time, all you need is a night filled with the deeds of debauchery.

It will make you feel good about yourself and will release down the stress part. It’s a boon among lots of miseries. ONS tells you that you have still got that charm in you.

You have a Story to Include in Your Collection

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time or the last time when you do it with a stranger with whom you won’t be meeting again, it’s an experience worth mentioning. If you both bump into each other the next time, you can go for another hot session (Unless you’re roaming with your soon to be better halves which can be a bit awkward).

It’s all about Needs

Sex is a need that should be fulfilled with time. It releases your happy hormones, gives you immense pleasure sensations, has some health benefits, and releases down that stressful tension taking over you (Unless it goes too bad). Sometimes, all you need is a night full of long and hard sex where you don’t require commitments.

It’s Time to Move on

You may have come out of a long and lovely serious relationship where it was all happy and happening and with the sudden change of events; it has all gone down to shit. One-night stands will give you a way out and a rebound that will help you to move over that ‘One You Loved’.

I hope you must have done your deeds but there’s still more for grabs. There’s no harm in going for One-night stands because there is nothing wrong with it.

Note: Don’t forget to use condoms for avoiding unwanted pregnancies.
Also, if you’re in a relationship, then please don’t do it because it’s morally, ethically and by all means is wrong.

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