Pleasures of the P-Spot

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It has been a life-long discussion about the G-Spot and it’s still going on but did you realize that like females, males have a spot too. Many of them may not know it but it is popularly pronounced as the P-Spot.

Leave the girls; most of the men don’t have an idea that they have a pleasure spot. So, if you get time from exploring the G-Spot (Don’t get me wrong, it’s important too!), try learning about your spot too.

What’s the fuss?

P-Spot refers to the prostate gland located in the middle of the pelvis area. To be more precise, it’s in the place in between your penis, bladder, and the rectum. And to be more and more precise, it is said to be located about three-quarters of a finger-length inside his anus.

P-spot is a hotbed of pleasures which can offer a nerve-ending phenomenon and has the power to drive the men wild and crazy. It all depends on how you use it. After all, the prostate is the source of deep sexual pleasure.

First thing first!

Exploring the P-Spot can turn out to be handy but the after pleasures are worth your time. All you need is to be very very careful because pressing it to hard or being a bit rough-tough can be painful and hurtful. Cut your nails to avoid the use of sharp objects to devoid yourself from any kind of injury.

Massaging, Lubing and Rimming!

A gentle massage on the area with sensuous oils or a lube will do the trick. Experiment with different kind of touches, enjoy the feel and try to reach those orgasmic vibes.

The Rim Job

If your partner agrees, then you can also ask for a rim job. Use your tongue playfully to caress the respective part. The aroused sensations will do the rest.

Experiment with Sex Toys

Sex toys are one more option and a very handy one (As I have mentioned above). It is actually a great way to explore prostate stimulation. The curvy ones are more so ever designed for it. The vibrating ones can offer altogether a different kind of experience.

For e.g. The presence of the butt-plug in your anus can offer you mild but constant prostate stimulation.

Try Different Combinations

The arousing of the P-Spot is a different and unique experience and you can explore the heaven if you use some sexy combinations. A sensuous rim job with the simultaneous hand job will work perfect if you’re looking to go a bit different.

“It’s your Ding-Dong affair.”

Use of toys along with a sensory massaging will also help you to find the road to paradise. Remember, a great combination can land you up for an amazing orgasm (Not me but my friend said it).

All the men out there, there’s a way to get a better orgasm. You just need to explore.
“It’s all about exploring orgasms.”

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