Sex Addiction is a Mental Disorder


It was a long time ago. I was sitting in my house reading the news and I found an extraordinary article informing about a poor man who got tired of having sex. Yes, you heard it right but before judging it, let’s open all the doors of the story.

A man approached a woman and they hit it off instantly. No points for guessing that they ended up having sex in her apartment. Hours passed and they didn’t stop, a day passed and the man started to feel the trouble. And after 36 hours of long struggle, the man ran away from the room and was found sobbing on the street by the police because the crazy lady wasn’t finished yet and wanted more of that action. The thorough investigation revealed that he wasn’t her first victim.

The victim at that point of time requested the police, that,

They (You) need to help him (Me). She is trying to kill him (me) with sex. He (I) cannot get out and He (I) cannot go on!

Also, when police arrived and tried to know more, the woman didn’t hold back and even tried to tempt the officers into her bedroom. The woman (In her 40s), was later taken to the hospital for psychiatric observation. Again, no points for guessing, that the lady was suffering from sex addiction and was clearly a nymphomaniac.

So, sex is beautiful but if you’re going nuts about it, then you need to visit a doctor very soon.

“Too much of anything is harmful, even if it’s SEX.”

What’s the issue?

Sex is a wide range of affairs keeping an unexpected menu in the box which you open only to fulfill your desires. But what if your desires cross the line of pleasures and are all about satisfying an undying animal which is only filled with drooling lust.

Sex addiction has taken the face of a bigger problem these days and there are people getting affected by it. It is nothing normal and anyone addicted to it should be reported or instructed to visit the doctor.

Sex Addiction is a bigger concern!

For the people addicted, sex is a central focus, and the rest is just the unnecessary part. Here, sex is not just a need for them but is more like a drug which they feel like taking every minute of their life. Failure to control your sexual urge and indulging in repetitive and continuous sexual acts is quite a common thing. People suffering from it continue to get tangled in the web of the same pattern and continue to satisfy their urge even if it doesn’t bring them any kind of pleasure.

“It affects the daily life where nothing matters but the persistent thought of having sex.”

Their ability to work or maintaining relationships (familiar or personal) and the daily activities don’t have any importance.

WHO Has Declared It As A Mental Health Disorder!

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), a person is said to be addicted to sex when they show “Persistent pattern of failure to control intense, repetitive sexual impulses or urges resulting in repetitive sexual behaviour.”

The UN agency had recently, flagged sex addiction as a mental disorder. It was just month after they declared video gaming as an addiction. With this step, the hope is that people will get to know more about the problem and would be more aware of it in the future.

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