Sex laws that are weirder than sex itself…


Sex is like that happiness which not only makes us crave for more but also offers us the power that can trigger our sleazy hormones proving us a path to pleasure. It is true that sex gives us pleasure (Not true at times), but do you know that sex can also land you into trouble. I’m not talking about the trouble due to sex injuries but the trouble due to fancy, weird and funny sex laws around the world.

Notty Boy has come up with a list (that I gave them) of sex laws around the world that sound pretty messed up that even the mashed potatoes will look cool.

“Please don’t read it (There, I have warned you).”

According to Lebanese law, it is legal for men to indulge in sexual acts with animals. The only condition is, the animal should be female (Maybe this way, it would seem to be more natural).

In the city of Cali, Columbia, it is required for mothers to watch their daughters losing their virginity (Good mothers always look after their naughty kids).

Incestuous marriages are legal in Alabama but according to the ‘Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act’ of 1998, sales of sex toys is illegal (Quite ironic).

In India, marital rape is not considered rape (Kyunki Shaadi toh ek pavitra bandhan hota).

If you want to have sex under the boundaries of Washington D.C., you can have it only in one position, i.e. missionary (Washington D.C. is so classic).

If you’re indulging in sexual relations with a woman that is not your wife, the act will be considered rape in the city of Wisconsin (Cheating is too mainstream and women are too pure to indulge in these dirty activities by their own choice).

According to law, you’re not allowed to have sex with lights on in Budapest, Hungary (Because people there have nothing else to do other than stalking people having sex).

In Hong Kong, a wife has a right to kill her cheating husband, but she can only do it with her bare hands (It’s a patriarchal society).
In Uruguay, it’s legal for men to kill their cheating wives (Again, it’s a patriarchal society).

In Florida, a man is forbidden to kiss his wife’s breast (Maybe, you can turn off the lights).

In Birmingham, call it against the law or against the beliefs of our God loving humans, but it is illegal for a man and a woman to have sex ‘on the stairs of any church after the sun goes down’ (Maybe Jesus doesn’t like to hear someone moan while he’s asleep).

According to article 281 of the constitution of Indonesia, the maximum sentencing for masturbation is mentioned to be 32 months (You really don’t want to use your hand here).

The act of having sex with a truck driver inside a toll booth is considered illegal in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (Too specific with the detail).

In Michigan, it is illegal to have sex on a parked vehicle unless the vehicle is parked under the boundaries of your own property (Ghar ki baat ghar mein rehni chahiye).
In London too, it is illegal to have sex on a parked vehicle (What about a moving one?).

A man cannot have sex with both mother and her daughter at the same fucking time in Santa Cruz, Bolivia (And, is it fine at different times?).

By law, you are not allowed to play chess in the middle of a sex session in Tallinn, Estonia (Because people love to play chess while having sensuous sex).

Dubai has a strict law against couples involved in the act of PDA. It can land you a jail time up to 10 days (Each one of you).

The country of USA is funny at times. Louisiana is one of the four states where Necrophilia (Indulge in oral and anal sex with a corpse) is legal (People have needs you know!).

Poland is quite strict with their laws. In Krakow, Poland, if you’re found to have sex with an animal for the third time (three times man), can be shot, a shot to the head (Less than three is fine!).

The list weird sex laws doesn’t end here, but my will to explore more has gone to the dust.

“I’m going through a mental trauma.”

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