Sexiest Positions for Delaying the Notions


It was last night that they were finally able to spend time together and it was after a very long time. But the main problem was that the man didn’t hold for long. These are quite relatable and amusing stories which aren’t that funny if you’re one of those victims.

While, stress, nervousness and too much pressure to perform are one of many problems, there are certain sex positions which can make last a bit longer (More if you’re a pro).

Let’s find out about the moves that will control your flow and make you rock groove…

Moving & Spooning
Spooning is the real saver here and it won’t allow you to move much. Hence, the results are shallow penetrations. Make sure that woman move slow and stay low (Or the penis will pop out). The position won’t get you over stimulated and which will also make you ride for long.

Woman on Top
The position is one of the best to make the women climax. While in the action, it purely allows your woman to take control of your belongings (Your Penis). It’s her and her business now to take control of the pace, depth and sexual pleasures. All you have to do is to command her thrust and let her lean forward to do some kissing and biting. The penetration will do the rest.

Find the Cross
This one is tricky of the lot. Though the position involves deeper penetration, the motion is quite limited due to your weight lying on one side. So it doesn’t let your moby get too excited and moving.
“It’s a deal of a gold dime that will rhyme with her time”.

Modify the Doggy
Now, who doesn’t love doggy style (Smaller Ones)! All you have to focus on is bending her back and make her lean forward a little till she’s near or totally lying on her stomach. Follow her and enjoy all the advantages of the doggy style with added pleasures and sensations while reducing those intense stimulations. Enjoy your partner for longer.

Side by Side
The couple (Sex Hungry Souls) is supposed to lie side by side facing each other. Make sure that her pelvis is placed higher than yours and her legs embracing your waist. And when the pointer is in place, you can cast your case. The closeness doesn’t allow much movement resulting in improvement…

The Cross-Legged Sitting
It’s quite simple! Cross your legs and make her legs wrapped around your waist and the arms around your neck while sitting down letting the boss go inside that world of sensuousness. The woman is in commanding position and can move up and down. Lean back or move forward to feel those amazing and pleasurable sensations. The position allows deeper penetrations and more sensuality avoiding overstimulation where you both can regulate the speed accordingly.

Managing the Missionary
The position is itself can define the stages of amusingness. Other than the usual missionary, try the perpendicular where the man can use the top shaft for rubbing the clitoris more than penetrating. The women can also raise her legs and the man can go a bit up. The modified version will make you grind more than thrusting.

Note: Start with the normal missionary and bring in the changes later.

Special Mention – CAT (Coital Alignment Technique)
Now, this one is more of a variation of the missionary. This position is more about helping women to reach climax sooner through direct clitoral stimulation than to make men last longer. It is equally satisfying for both men and women and improves the odds of women reaching orgasm through penetration.

Start with the usual missionary and then slightly lower your body to maintain as much closeness (To feel the intensity). Prop her hips for some extra contact and then you can move slowly while she crosses her legs around yours. The motion is more about rocking than thrusting where you can play with different angles for the ideal position and that needy stimulation.

So, are you up for the task where she can surely shout SATISFACTION (Or all those other words)!

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