The Needy Orgasms – Your Woman Desires


It was a breezy day and we were doing it on the roof of our house (It was too damn risky). The air was caressing our bodies and sensuousness was increasing by every second. While I was stroking her with pleasure, there came a point when she made a different kind of sound and scratched my body.

I took it as a clue and continued swiftly because we had all the f**cking time in the world (Something, that I was able to achieve through tantra techniques, i.e. longing last). And then came a time when she almost gave up and was screaming with that filthy pleasure (Thanks to Satan, I didn’t forget to turn on the music). I was able to make her rejoice with the charms of achieving the BIG O.

Now, I have a few questions for you.

How well do you know about orgasms?

How many types are there?

And, how many were you able to make your woman achieve through your secret weapons of sexual destruction?

There are too many questions to answer and a lot of work to do to make her reach paradise. Let’s explore the box filled with orgasms and the possibilities of achieving them. Well, there are a lot of them, but let’s discuss the important ones in this one.

“Not all Os require two people to be achieved so going solo won’t be a problem.”

Clitoral Orgasm

The almond shape clitoris present near the opening is the hub of seeking divine pleasures. The very common among orgasms, few minutes of those clitoral simulations can give you access to the mystical realms offering happiness above heavenly affairs.

How to achieve it?

There are different ways to achieve it. Your partner can give you an oral job where you will get to know that the real work of the tongue is to ‘caressing the clit’. Performing sex using CAT position will also work because the position’s main purpose is to make you achieve clitoral orgasm.

Let’s not stop at this. Caressing a vibrator directly at your clit is like feeling that you never want to let go (And here you won’t need a man to make you moan).

“Caress your clit now.”

The Vaginal Orgasm

Well, it has deep meanings, both practically and literally. Vaginal orgasms are deep, sensual and full of hard work. Yes, it is because it’s a project divided into multiple tasks and not just one but having three different orgasms.

The G-Spot (present at the distance of 2-3 inches inside the vagina) orgasm, cervical orgasm and digging deep into the AFE zone, all comes under vaginal orgasm. As I have said before, you need to dig deep, if you want to make your woman enjoy the sex at best (So, size also matters).

The Real Deal

Try the traditional cowgirl where the D will go deep and has the possibility to reach all spots and at the end of the wall. And the pace can be controlled accordingly by the woman of the house.

The Nipple/Boobs Orgasm

Let’s start with the upper portion dealing with the tickets to Valhalla. There is some kind of connection between your V-Jay jay and boobie bae. A study revealed that nipple stimulation was found to activate genital sensory cortex in the brain. It’s the same region that gets activated during clitoral, cervical and vaginal orgasms.
It is quite possible to achieve an orgasm through nipple stimulation and for that the women don’t even require a man by her side.

“Clitoral Orgasm is the most common and easily achieved orgasm among women”

What’s more?

Some pressing and pinching may bring in a lot of good, but a touch of a vibrator will bring in the real sensation.

Anal Orgasm

The anal affair is the most-less talk about but still a necessary orgasm if done right (not rough). First thing first, you need to be very very careful while exploring the butt area. The walls of anal are rich in nerve endings and the area is known among the most sensitive erogenous zones. Go slow during penetration and enjoy the later part. There are many who have enjoyed the magic of anal affair.

Be Very Careful!

Make sure to apply plenty of lube and look carefully for the wearing and tearing part that will definitely take place. The tight muscles and thin layers can cause injuries if not done swiftly. You can try the love magical beads (The sensual sex toy) at first.

Blended Orgasm

The blended affair is achieved only when you blend in an orgasm with an orgasm. The out of the bound O occurs when multiple areas of your body are touched and pleasured simultaneously. It’s a naughty process which offers worth it moments to your sleazy and dirty efforts.

What it’s like?

It’s like when the boobies are pleasured at the same time as your soft and cushy vagina and you are just lost in the world of sexual sensations.

Multiple Orgasms

Most tricky of the lot and very hard to achieve is the art of decoding multiple orgasms. They are either sequential or in a serial or just say, one after the other. There is no such thing as rest in between. It’s all about continuous lovemaking which takes you through orgasm after orgasm. So, leave everything and fulfill your dream of attaining the charms of multi-magic.

“There’s a thin line between multiple and blended orgasms which becomes invisible when you involve yourself in sexual destruction”

The Big Deal!

It’s not that easy to attain the nirvana of multiple orgasms. You need time and temptations, techniques and patience. If you feel the need to achieve one, then after reaching your first one, wait for 10 seconds and go again. Maybe, you’re the ONE in those other ones.

“Dude, that’s the third woman this week. How he does that?”

Note: Don’t forget the most important part. Follow the rules of 3Cs, i.e. consent, condom, and conditions of pleasurable sex.

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